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The day began with tracking down a Wing Commander artist. Nicole Harsh did the art for the WC CCG equipment cards, but she's also a professional swordswoman.

Day Three Events - Saturday, September 5, 2004

LOAF: I sent Frosty a series of hotel-stationary letters under the door which connected our two hotels.

ChrisReid: I took a big chunk of the PreCon pictures, so I stuck a shot of myself right here in the beginning so people didn't forget about me.
LOAF: I'm not sure what that means. This is Mike Sakuta and Nicole Harsch of The Crossed Swords. They gave an amusing and well-done swordplay demonstration.

LOAF: Here's me asking Nicole Harsch for an autograph. That's right, boys, I stepped up to the plate and terrified another vaugely Wing Commander related celebrity.

LOAF: I'm not sure if Chris took this picture because there's a Predator in line to buy pizza or because Chick-Fil-A is closed on sundays. Both are odd.

LOAF: I didn't really feel like mall pizza, so I pointed to a weird looking object and said I'd eat that. It turned out to be a pizza-tube filled with cheese and several unidentified meats.

LOAF: Once I'm a little more famous, I'll be able to sell scantily clad pictures of myself at cons.

LOAF: She sure covers her breasts a lot. I'll bet there's a good joke somehow relating to that fact...

LOAF: People in the dealers room love it when you stop in the middle of the small hallway to take pictures of costumes. Really!

Anyway, aceHyphenOne is wearing part of the Fall line of customized CIC polo shirts... while his wife is sporting a rare Wing Commander promo shirt from the 1999 collection.

LOAF: Though my mad robot lust is now years behind me, I didn't fail to take advantage of the fact that the plastic robots stand was giving away free novels.

LOAF: I kept forgetting to go to the artists area to look for The Gneech. He seems like a cool guy on the internet.

LOAF: I don't think anyone bought anime from these guys this year. 2004 was all about Cat Farm Magma.

LOAF: I still think I should get a kilt.

LOAF: Moneepennee's cameo! She's great, but apparently mormons were more interesting than us. I wish I was making that up.

LOAF: This would be a damned handsome picture if I wasn't in it.

LOAF: I'm seeing double - six Double Shadow knife-ripoffs!

LOAF: Moldovite is a former Soviet mineral located between somewhere and the Ukraine.

LOAF: Chris got a salad that puts even the all-ham cube one I invented to shame.

LOAF: Our waiter was very, very friendly... and also the sort of person who might go on an AMD with Rance. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

LOAF: I wanted us to stand in front of a fountain and look cool, like the Friends. In retrospect, Hadrian should have taken the picture.

LOAF: Everyone is reading the letters I sent to Frosty this morning. Someday when we're all dead and gone, someone will read them on a PBS documentary about life in the 2000s.

LOAF: It said 'SOS' on the outside.

LOAF: Frosty sent me this letter. Teonnyn was so angry, his anger-circuits elevated too 140 madquads per picasecond.

LOAF: Say, Dr. Who is holding pigs.

LOAF: I think the final set of pictures pretty much accurately describes what happened next without needing any sort of narration.

Continue to Day Four

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