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Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
Platform MS-DOS
Playstation (PSX)
Engine RealSpace
Release Date December 8, 1994
Language English
Rating ESRB: T


Box Back Cover

Wing Commander III:Heart of the Tiger is a computer game released on December 8, 1994. It is a direct sequel to Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi. It was followed by Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom released February 4, 1996.

The First True Interactive Movie for your Home PC

Professionally scripted and filmed in Hollywood, ORIGIN's multi-million dollar production combines the entertainment of film-making with the interactivity of computer gaming. The result is a spectacular spaceflight adventure.

Adrenaline, romance, humor, danger — Wing Commander III has all this and more. This sequel completes the turbulent chronicles of the Terran-Kilrathi war. The final showdown takes place on one of the homeworlds — Earth or Kilrah. But only you can write the ending ...

  • Ensemble cast features Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell, Tom Wilson, Jason Bernard and Ginger Allen.
  • Interact with characters to control plot, conversation path and ending.
  • Fifty intense missions — each with photorealistic, 3-D space combat.
  • Full 16-bit digital soundtrack for cinematics, plus general MIDI support and digitized speech for space combat.
  • 32-bit computer technology fully utilizes the power of your 486 or Pentium™.
  • Explore SGI-rendered virtual sets in both VGA and SVGA.
  • Invisible cockpit view, 3-D navigation system, stealth technology, instant missions and more.
  • Pilot five distinct fighters, armed with fully configurable weaponry.
  • Play directly from CD — over 3 hours of live-action video, plus dozens of hours of gameplay.

System Requirements

Computer. Wing Commander III requires at least an IBM 486/50+ MHz or 100% compatible system, and MS-DOS version 5.0 or higher. Pentium™ machines are also supported and recommended for SVGA gameplay.
Video Card. VGA, or VESA-compliant SVGA (640x480)
Hard Drive. You must have a minimum of 20 MB free on your hard drive to install and play this game.
CD-ROM Drive. You must have at least a double-speed CD-ROM drive with a transfer rate of 300,000 bytes/second or higher.
Mouse. Wing Commander III requires a Microsoft or 100% compatible mouse using Microsoft software driver version 7.0 or higher or 100% compatible software driver.
Memory. Wing Commander III uses 360K (368,640 bytes) of conventional RAM (base memory) and 7000K (7,168,000 bytes) of either extended memory (XMS) or expanded memory (EMS). You must have a minimum of 8 megabytes of RAM installed in your machine. We recommend using an XMS setup for machines with only 8 megs RAM, and either an XMS or EMS setup for machines with more than 8 megs RAM.

Box Contents


  • (4) CDs (your game!)
  • Install Guide (24 pp.) with installation, directions for Creating a Floppy Boot Disk (p. 9), configurations for a variety of memory management systems (p. 9), Troubleshooting answers to possible problems (p. 13), a brief simulator Tutorial (p. 18), and Option Screen information (p. 24)
  • Victory Streak Manual (48 pp.) that gives you a personalized account of the Victory, its crew and the history of the Terran-Kilrathi conflict through e-mail, articles and general information pieces.
  • Playguide (32 pp.) that tells you how to play the game and set different game options.
  • Reference Card (2 pp.) that lists all keyboardm, mouse and joystick commands in the game.
  • Registration Card — we'd love to know who you are!
  • Catalogs and other advertising, describing the worlds of gaming opportunities EA provides.



Kilrathi Saga

Credits & Cast

Wing Commander III Credits Game Materials

Product Manager Galen Svanas

Documentation Tuesday Frase, John McLean, Melissa Mead

Document Translation Brigitte Fleeman, Isabelle Rice

Editing David Ladyman

Box Design Al Carnley

Cover Art Sam Yeates

Documentation Design Al Carnley, Cathy Cantieri, Trey Hermann

Blueprint Design Trey Hermann

Calendar Design (Premiere Edition) Jennifer Davis

T-shirt Design (Premiere Edition) Trey Hermann


Col. Christopher Blair - Mark Hamill

Admiral Tolwyn - Malcolm McDowell

Maj. James “Paladin” Taggart - John Rhys-Davies

Capt. William Eisen - Jason Bernard

Maj. Todd “Maniac” Marshall - Tom Wilson

Chief Tech Rachel Coriolis - Ginger Lynn

Lt. Robin “Flint” Peters - Jennifer MacDonald

Lt. Ted “Radio” Rollins - Courtney Gains

Lt. Winston “Vagabond” Chang - Francois Chau

Lt. Laurel “Cobra” Buckley - B.J. Jefferson

Maj. Jace “Flash” Dillon - Joshua Lucas

Lt. Mitchell “Vaquero” Lopez - Julian Reyes

Col. Jeanette “Angel” Devereaux - Yolanda Jilot

Newscaster - Barbara Niven

Bartender - Pierre Pereat

Voice of Thrakhath - John Rhys-Davies

Voice of Melek - Tim Curry

Voice of Emperor - Alan Mandell

Voice of Hobbes - John Schuck

Voice - Lisa Acton

Voice - Jennifer Evans

Voice - Tuesday Frase

Communications Officer - Chris Roberts

Game Development

Producer Chris Roberts

Director Frank Savage

Associate Producers Prem Krishnan, Jean-Marc Chemla


3-D System Frank Savage

Capship Polygonal Engine Frank Savage

Spaceflight System Frank Roan, Frank Savage

Gameflow System Chris Todd

Object System Frank Roan

Artificial Intelligence

Nav-Map System Anthony Morone

Cockpits & Sound Effects

Movie Compression & Playback Jason Yenawine

JEMM DPMI 32-bit DOS Extender

SGI Movie Editor Oliver Yu

Object Data & Implementation Tim Ray

Polygonal Collisions Peter Shelus

Libraries Jason Yenawine, Frank Savage, Tony Bratton

Hi-Res, 3-D Object Editor Paul Isaac, John Reeme, Aaron Martin, Frank Savage

Math & Algorithms Consultant Peter Shelus

Technical Consultant Zachary Simpson


Initial Mission Design Tim Ray

Mission Design & Implementation Tim Ray, Ben Potter, Jeff Shelton

Gameflow Design & Implementation Prem Krishnan, Chris Todd


Interactive Sound Design Nenad Vugrinec

NIM Interactive Music George Oldziey, Nenad Vugrinec

Spaceflight Dialogue Editor Barry Leitch

Sound System by Human Machine Interfaces, Inc.

Digital & MIDI Sound Engine Aaron Martin, John Reeme, Frank Savage


Art Director Chris Douglas

Assistant Art Director Paul Steed

3-D Artists Chris Douglas, Mark Vearrier, James Lee, Thomas Lee, Chris Olivia, J.C. Combs, Alan Perez, Craig Halverson, Steve Pietzsch

RealSpace Objects Paul Steed, Dean McCall, Michael Presley, Elizabeth Foster Pugh, Sam Laskowski, Jeff Shelton, Tim Ray, Ben Potter

Mission Briefing Animations Paul Steed, Elizabeth Foster Pugh, Eric Lund, Dicko Mather, Jake Rodgers, Brian McLean, Gary McElhaney, Danny Garrett

Gameflow Option Screens Brian McLean, Mark Vearrier, Chris Douglas

Cockpit Displays Elizabeth Foster Pugh, Jennifer Ayers

3-D Software provided by Alias Research

Graphics Hardware provided by Silicon Graphics

Product Support

QA Project Leader Dan Orzulak

Assistant Project Leaders Anthony L. Sommers, Todd Wachhaus QA Team David Abbot, J. Allen Brack, James Flores, Mark Franz, Jim Hill, Kevin Kushner, Bill Lacoste, Jeremy Mappus, Sean Mustakas, David J. Reese, Mike Songy, Reece Thornton

QA Hardware Lab Brian Wachhaus, Evan Brandt

Translator Liason Jeremy Mappus

Product Support Manager Kay Gilmore

QA Supervisor Donna Mehnert

Customer Service Supervisor Marie Williams

Movie Production

Executive Producer & Director Chris Roberts

Producer Donna Burkons

Screenplay Terry Borst, Frank De Palma

Casting Director Nicole Arbusto, Joy Dickson

1st Assistant Director Harry Jarvis

2nd Assistant Director Athena Alexander

2nd 2nd Assistant Director Tia Ardran

Production Manager Pam Auer

Technical Director Mark Day

Director of Photography Virgil Harper

Assistant Camera Operator Tom Kantrud

Ultimatte Operator Bob Kertesz

Ultimatte Assistant Greg Noyes

Sound Mixer Walt Martin

Boom Operator Paul Coogan

Script Supervisor Kate Lewis

Storyboard Artist Marc Baird

Set Designer Cherie Baker

Gaffer Reggie Lake

Best Boy Electric Robert Neville

Rigging Gaffer Eddie Maloney

Electrician Shaun Goldsmith

Key Grip Gus Vasquez

Best Boy Grip Greg Etheredge

Grips Jim Coker, Kevin Cook, John Martin, Shane Brott, Jeff Murrell

Props Josh Logan

Prop Master Tamara Clinard

Dresser Todd Szabo

Hair Lana Sharpe

Makeup Bill Myer, Kim Miner

Wardrobe Mary Paxton, Krista Schluderman

Set Costumer Nan Gail

Construction Coordinator Mike Clark

Construction Shane Middleton

Kilrathi Puppets/Props provided by Precision Effects

Creature Suit Supervisor John Parsons

Suit Operators Michael Hood, Billy Butler, Chris Bergschneider, Randy Harvey

Creature Suit Technicians Rick Cedillo, Terri Fluker, Ron Ford, Alex Mindt, Gloria Munoz

Asst. Creature Suit Technicians Linda Newman, Wendel Phillips, Mike Walters

Precision Effects P.A. Karen Carmichael

Puppeteer Bud McGrew

Puppeteer Assistant Kass Nassiri, Mike Newman

2nd Unit Director Richard Johnson

2nd Unit Director of Photography Bill Sheehy

2nd Unit Ultimatte Operator Tom Tsimpldls

2nd Unit Gaffer Henry Coccetti

2nd Unit Script Supervisor John McLean

2nd Unit Sound Mixer Mary Jo Devenney

Pyrotechnic Effects Dream Quest Images

Pyrotechnic Supervisor Robert Stadd

Pyrotechnic Shoot Director Adam Foshko

EA Productions Counsel Carol Contes

EA Productions Accountant Tracey Snodgrass

EA Finance & Insurance Bryan Neider, Sharon Warmboe

Production Accountant Laurel Richter

Talent Paymaster Karen Kodet

Pre-Production Manager Richard Johnson

Asst. Pre-Production Manager Adam Foshko

Assistant to the Director John McLean

Publicity provided by The Villines Company

Unit Publicist Morgan Moore

Mark Hamill's Stand-In Emidio Antonio

Malcolm McDowell's Stand-In Chief Gordon

Production Assistant Jim Capp, Kirsten Maryott, Laurie Boykoff

Craft Service Laura Bagano, Juana Martinez, Michael Foxworth

Talent trailers provided by Star Wagons

Sound Stages provided by Hayvenhurst Studios


Post-Production Director Phillip Gessert

Austin Post-Production Supervisor Adam Foshko

S.F. Post-Production Supervisor Mark Day

Post-Production Coordinator David Downing


Editor Phillip Gessert

Assistant Editors Adam Foshko, Jay Mahavier, Mads A. Hansen, Lauren Giordano

Video Processing Facility EA Media Lab

Video Processing & Digitization John McLean, Jeni Day, Laurent Beurel, Michael Sweeney

Post-Production Assistant Jean-Marc Chemla, Jennifer Ayers

Digitial On-line Facility Western Images

Editors Alan Chimenti, John Henkel, Greg Gilmore, Mark Sorenson

Harry Artist Jimmy Simmons

Flame Artist Simon Mowbray

Digital Non-Linear Editing System AVID Technology


Audio Director Martin Galway

S.F. Audio Supervisor Murray Allen

Original Score George Oldziey

Re-recording Mixers Tony Berkeley, Ken Felton

Dialogue Editing Tony Berkeley, Ken Felton

Asst. Dialogue Editor Jeni Day

Foley Editing Tony Berkeley, Ken Felton

Music Editing Randy Buck, Tony Berkeley, Ken Felton

Music Recording Randy Buck

Supervising Sound Effects Editor Randy Buck

Sound Effects Editor Jason Cobb

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Special Kilrathi Vocal Effects Tom Seufert

Contributing Composer Paul Baker

OSI Foley Artists Stretch Williams, Britt Daniel, Jason Cobb

Foley Guitar by Stretch Williams

OSI Foley Recordists Randy Buck, Jason Cobb

Foley & ADR Services provided by Post Sound Corp.

Foley & ADR Mixer Kris Campbell

Foley Artist Pamela Kahn

Additional Voice-Overs Jennie Evans, Tuesday Frase, Lisa Acton


Executive Assistants David Downing, John McLean

Administrative Assistants Andrea Brannan, Sabrina Watson

Network Technical Support Kathie Lambdin, Sean Kelley

Hardware Technical Support Rick McNeeley

Unix Gurus Christopher Alexander North-Keys, John Reeme

Marketing & Promotions Guru Jennie Evans

Product Marketing Galen Svanas

Media Relations David Swofford

Travel Coordination Mindy Stringer, Norma Vargas

Translations Manager Kirsten Vaughan

French Translation Dominique Poumeyrol-Jumeau

German Translation Frank Dietz

French Dubbing Supervision Dominique Poumeyrol-Jumeau

French Dubbing by Studios Lincoln, Paris

German Dubbing Supervision Kirsten Vaughan

German Dubbing by Film- und Fernseh-Synchron, GmbH, Munich

French Playtesting Didier Jumeau, Karl Strand

German Playtesting Andreas Koehler, Jorg Newmann

Special Thanks to...

EA Productions and Rich Hilleman

Copyright 1994 by Origin Systems, Inc.




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Premiere Pack

  • Making of Wing Commander III CD-ROM
  • Behind the Scenes of Wing Commander III VHS Tape.
  • A Wing Commander III T-Shirt.
  • A Wing Commander III Wall Calendar for 1994.



Higher quality video, full color VDUs, alternate mission layouts (i.e., different enemies at different points) and generally a mode 'arcade' sense. Pre-rendered video segments replace ground missions. Includes a few new ships and gun platforms.


Same as the PC release.


Surprisingly similar to the original PC version. Has some video sequences added (news reports).

Strategy Guides




Patches / Addons


Fan Made

Editing Tools

Miscellaneous Files


Orchestral tracks

High Quality MIDI Recordings

Thanks to Mad Hatter. (Details, More)

Various tracks

Manuals and Game Documentation


PC & Macintosh

Afterburner				Tab
Toggle Afterburner			`
Fire Guns				Space
Fire Missile				Enter
Accelerate				+
Decelerate				-
Full Speed				~
Full Stop				Backspace
Match Target Speed			Y
Look Left				F2
Look Right				F3
Look Forward				F1
Look Behind				F4
Display Rear Turret in Left VDU		Ctrl + F4
Chase View				F5
Battle View				F6
Tactical View				F7
Missile Camera				F8
Victim Camera				F9
Track Camera				F10
Cycle Weapons				M
Cycle Guns				G
Full Guns				F
Drop Decoy				E
Synchronize Guns			Ctrl + G
Select All Hardpoints			B
Cycle Targets				T
Cycle Turrets				R
Jump					J
Cloak					Ctrl + C
Toggle Auto-Tracking			Ctrl + A
Toggle Smart-Targeting			Ctrl + S
Auto-slide				Caps Lock
Toggle Auto-slide			/
Lock Target				L
Damage HUD				D
Shield HUD				S
Weapons HUD				W
Autopilot				A
Comms Select				C
Nav Map					N
Power Menu				P
Decrease Power to Selected Component	[
Increase power to selected component	]
Lock Power to Selected Component	Ctrl + ]
Set Selected Power to Maximum		Shift + ]
Reset All Power Settings 		Shift + [
Eject					Ctrl + E
Options Menu				Alt + O


Control Pad

On the Carrier

Choose an action		D-Pad to move cursor or L/R to toggle hotspots
Begin selected action		A, B, or C
Skip cinematic			Stop, Pause, A, B, or C

In flight

Afterburner			L + R
Roll				B + Left/Right
Fire guns			C
Fire missile			A
Accelerate			B + Up
Decelerate			B + Down
Invisible Cockpit		Pause + B
Chase view			Pause + C
Cycle weapons			L + A
Cycle guns			L + C
Drop decoy			R + C
Cycle targets			R + A
Jump				L + B
Cloak				L + A to select device, A to activate
Autopilot			L + B
Comms select			Hold R + B, press up/down to select, left/right to choose/rescind. Release to send.
Nav Map				Pause + A
Eject				A + B + C

Nav Map Controls

Rotate Map View			D-Pad
Zoom Out/In			A/B
Switch Nav Destination		L/R
Close Nav Map/Menu		Stop


Manual Comms Select		Hold R + B to open, Up/down for receiver/option, left/right to choose sender/recind. Release to select.
Suppress video messages		Stop + C

Quick Comms

Break and Attack/Attack my target	Pause + Up
Taunt Enemy/Check Status		Pause + Right
Help me out here			Pause + Left
Request Landing/Form on my wing		Pause + Down

Joystick Controls

On the Carrier

Choose an action		Stick to move cursor or HAT left/right for hotspots
Begin selected action		Trigger
Skip cinematic			S, P, A, C, or Trigger

In flight:

Roll				B + Left/Right
Afterburner			C
Fire guns			Trigger
Fire missile			A
Accelerate			B + Up 
Decelerate			B + Down
Invisible Cockpit		P + B
Chase View			P + C
Cycle weapons			S + A
Cycle guns			S + Trigger
Drop decoy			HAT Down
Cycle targets			HAT Left and Right
Jump				HAT Up
Cloak				S + A to toggle active, use like a weapon/missile
Autopilot			HAT Up
Nav Map				P + A
Eject				S + P

Nav Map Controls:

Rotate Map View			Stick
Zoom Out/In			A/B
Switch Nav Destination		HAT Left/Right
Close Nav Map/Menu		S


Manual Comms Select		Hold M + Up/down for receiver/option, left/right to choose sender/recind. Release to select.
Suppress video messages		S + C

Quick Comms:

Break and Attack/Attack my Target	S + HAT Up
Taunt Enemy/Check Status		S + HAT Right
Help me out here			S + HAT Left
Request Landing/Form on my Wing		S + HAT Down


Afterburner		L2 + R2
Fire guns		Circle
Fire missile		Square
Accelerate		Triangle
Decelerate		X
Full stop		X + L1 + L2
Cycle weapons		L1 + Square
Cycle guns		L1 + Circle
Cycle targets		L1 + X
Lock targets		L1 + Triangle
Autopilot		L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
Comms select		Select + Left/Right
Nav Map			Select + L2
Eject			L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start
Cloak			L1 + R2



  • In flight, press Alt-O.
    Select invincibility.
  • Start the game with "wc3 -mitchell" at the command line to enter debug mode.


3DO Magazine issue 4, 1995, page 52.
When at the "New Game"/"Load Game"/"Continue" screen, hold down LS and P together. The selection will now cycle through the three options. Press A when it's on continue and the debug screen should appear. Just as with Super Wing Commander, the most useful option is "Finger of Death". To use it, select a target and press X and A while in flight. This will instantly wipe-out any target high-lighted, including friendlies.


Talkin' Bout My (High) Resolution (WC3 Video Clips) Tolwyn has been busy in his video encoding lab: he's also made available new, higher resolution versions of many of the Wing Commander III 'lost scenes'! Here's the list:


Terran Confederation

  • Fighters
F-27 Arrow V
Hellcat V
HF-66 Thunderbolt VII
F/A-76 Longbow
F-103 Excalibur
  • Capital Ships
  • Installations
Jump Buoy
Star Base

Empire of Kilrah

  • Fighters
Dralthi IV
  • Capital Ships
Sha'Kar-Class Transport
Kamrani-Class Corvette
Ralarrad-Class Light Destroyer
Ralaxath-Class Heavy Destroyer
Fralthi II-Class Cruiser
Bhantkara-Class Carrier
  • Installations
Supply Depot
Building #1
Building #2
Building #3
Building #4
Shield Generator
Fault Line