Winston Chang

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Winston Chang
Callsign Vagabond
Place of birth Enigma Sector
Place of death Orestes VI Communications Station, Orestes System
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Union of Border Worlds
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Force

Border Worlds Militia

Years of service -2673
Rank Lieutenant
Unit TCS Victory
TCS Lexington
BWS Intrepid
Battles/wars Terran-Kilrathi War

Border Worlds Conflict

Winston Chang was a pilot from the Terran Confederation. He saw extensive service during the Terran-Kilrathi War, and was active during the Border Worlds Conflict.


Terran-Kilrathi War

Winston Chang was born in the Enigma Sector to a family of Chinese descent in 2631.

Chang was an active participant during the Terran-Kilrathi War, and eventually became a demolitions engineer for Dr. Philip Severin, a leading Confederation scientist in the field of super-weapons. Chang was a close associate of Severin until an incident on Pax VII, during which Dr. Severin conducted a major demolitions test without thinking to warn the civilians in the vicinity. The test was a disaster and it resulted in the deaths of millions of Paxons, resulting in the subsequent quarantine of the planet and the Confederation's attempt to cover it up. Incensed at Dr. Severin's disregard for civilians and guilt-ridden by his own involvement in the disaster, Chang quit demolitions, and instead enlisted as a pilot. According to Chang, as a pilot he can see his enemies clearly, with little chance of ever killing civilians caught in the crossfire. Much of Chang's life remains classified due to his involvement in the Pax VII tragedy.

Chang was known for the extensive traveling he did as a result of his Kilrathi War-time service, eventually earning him the callsign "Vagabond" for his "wanderer's spirit". He was also known for his care-free spirit and sociable nature, willing to fly with most any pilot. He also chose to avoid military protocol, opting instead for a casual approach to interacting with fellow officers, even superiors.

Chang was also a famed card player. He was always ready for a spirited game of cards and had a reputation for never losing to an opponent, a record he carried proudly for years.

Chang eventually earned the rank of Lieutenant and was serving on the TCS Victory by 2669. He served on the Victory's Gold Squadron and became close friends with fellow pilots Laurel Buckley, Mitchell Lopez, and Helmut Jaeger. He was also one of the few pilots who was on mutually friendly terms with Colonel Ralgha nar Hhallas, the vessel's sole Kilrathi officer.

Chang flew with great distinction while on the Victory. He was named Pilot of the Month on 2669.120 after he served as a decoy during a large Confederation attack on a Kilrathi strike fleet. That attack led to the destruction of a light carrier, a corvette, and two destroyers at the hands of a Longbow strike force. When Colonel Christopher Blair became the Victory's Wing Commander, Chang soon developed a friendship with his superior officer, in spite of Blair's reservations about Chang's incomplete records. Chang proved to be a reliable wingman and saw action in several theaters with the Colonel. He took part in the Confederation's operations in Tamayo, the attempt to thwart the Kilrathi biological attacks in Locanda, Blackmane, and Ariel, just to name a few. He also took part in the escort of the TCS Behemoth, which had been deployed with the intent to destroy Kilrah. Chang did not support the idea of destroying an entire planet, but nonetheless fulfilled his duties loyally.

After the loss of the Behemoth, the Confederation came forth with one last plan to destroy Kilrah: The Y22A-1 Temblor Bomb, designed by Chang's old comrade Dr. Severin. The weapon would be the Confederation's final attempt to destroy Kilrah, but Dr. Severin had been captured by the Kilrathi and had to be secured if the weapon was to be completed. Chang had little remorse for Severin, or "Sevvy" as he called him, and admitted his role in the Pax VII incident to Colonel Blair. While the Victory was approaching the prison planet of Alcor V, Chang's comrade Laurel Buckley was murdered by Ralgha nar Hhallas, and his friend Lopez was also killed while defending the Victory from a Kilrathi ambush. The loss of his closest companions weighed heavily on Chang. When Dr. Severin was successfully retrieved by Confederation Marines, Chang flew a Hellcat V to Alcor V's surface and physically assaulted Dr. Severin in revenge for the millions he killed on Pax VII. Chang was subsequently imprisoned and grounded.

Chang was eventually released and returned to active duty status, having no regrets for assaulting Dr. Severin. Having lost his closest friend in Alcor to the Kilrathi, Chang volunteered to be Blair's wingman in Lancelot Flight, during which Blair would deliver the Temblor Bomb to Kilrah. On 2669.266, as the operation was carried out deep in enemy territory, Chang was shot down but managed to eject safely. He was retrieved some time later when Kilrah was successfully destroyed, finally ending the Terran-Kilrathi War.

Border Worlds Conflict

Despite the end of the Kilrathi War, Chang remained in the active reserves through the 2670s, and was eventually reinstated and assigned to the TCS Lexington as a Lieutenant, serving under Captain William Eisen of the Victory. In 2673, the Border Worlds Conflict saw tensions rise between the Terran Confederation and the Union of Border Worlds. During his service, Chang was reunited with Victory comrades Colonel Blair and Major Todd Marshall, with whom he fought faithfully during the fight against the Union.

During the campaign, Chang displayed sympathies towards the Union, recognising the many injustices committed against them by the Confederation. Through the operations in the Masa System, Captain Eisen and Major Marshall defected to the Border Worlds, prompting a pursuit by Colonel Blair and Lieutenant Chang. However, Chang refused to fire on the Captain and also defected, with Colonel Blair and Lieutenant Troy Carter following soon after. Chang served on the BWS Intrepid for the remainder of the conflict.


In Orestes, Chang volunteered to infiltrate the communications station orbiting Orestes VI, having had some experience in espionage. He and Lieutenant Velina Sosa were deployed via Manned Insertion Pods by Colonel Blair to obtain vital intelligence on illegal Confederation activities from the station. During their escape, they were ambushed by Confederation guards, forcing Chang to provide cover fire for Sosa. During the shootout, Chang managed to kill several guards before he himself was mortally wounded by a single rifle shot, and dropped dead shortly thereafter. Sosa fled the station with the data, leaving Chang's body behind.

Colonel Blair and the crew of the Intrepid were distraught over Chang's death, and committed Chang to space with full military honors. Colonel Blair said he was proud to have been his friend, and declared that his spirit "would continue to roam the stars".

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander IV

A man with a hidden past, 1st Lieutenant Winston Chang is a top-notch pilot who knows Blair from his previous assignment aboard the T.C.S. Victory. Cynical yet honest, Vagabond has seen more than he admits, and observes more than he lets on. He's most often seen shuffling a deck of cards, hoping to lure an unsuspecting crewmember into a quick hand of chance.


Behind the Screens

  • Winston "Vagabond" Chang was portrayed in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger and Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom by Cambodian-American actor Francois Chau.