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Creator Origin Systems Inc.
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                      Wing Commander III PCCD Demo

This README file contains important information about the Demo.


 1.        General Notes
 2.        System Requirements
 3.        Install Program
 4.        Game Controls
 5.        AI Notes
 6.        Boot Disk Configuration
 7.        Known Problems
 8.        Windows and OS/2 Compatibility
 9.        Origin Catalog
10.        Disclaimer


 1.        General Notes

   This Demo has a Promotional Trailer which loops endlessly or until
   the Escape key is pressed, at which point the Demo switches into
   spaceflight mode.  Upon completion of the Demo Mission or hitting
   Escape, the demo returns to the Promotional Trailer.

   If you have never played a Wing Commander before, PLEASE read the

   When you hit Escape to enter spaceflight, you will be in the
   cockpit of the Arrow Fighter.  Move the joystick around and pull
   the trigger.  You should see the ship maneuver and the guns fire.
   To autopilot to where the enemies are, press the A key.  You will
   see a view of your ship flying by on its way to the enemy.  When
   you drop back into the cockpit, the enemies will be all around
   you.  The circular display with the red dots on it is your radar.
   If you maneuver the ship so that one of the dots is in the center,
   you should be able to see it in front of you.  It will be bracketed
   by a red box.  Maneuver each of the enemies into the crosshairs on
   the screen and fire.  If you hit them, you will see a blue
   translucent effect.  Keep hitting them until they explode.  Once a
   ship is in front of you, you can also fire missiles at it using the
   Enter key or by pressing both buttons on the joystick.  You can
   exit spaceflight by pressing Escape and you will also exit if you
   they blow you up.  You will return to the Promo Trailer at that

   If the Demo appears too bright, try pressing Ctrl and the Left
   arrow key.  If the Demo appears too dark, try pressing Ctrl and
   the Right arrow key.

   To exit the Demo, press Alt-X from spaceflight.

 2.        System Requirements

   The Wing Commander III PCCD Demo requires the following:

       80486/33 Processor at least.
       8MB of RAM with at least 7,000,000 worth of XMS available.
       At least 500K available at the DOS prompt.
       Double Speed CD-ROM Drive.
       VGA card.

   It is recommended that you remove any disk caching software.
   The Demo doesn't need it and will, in fact, run slower with it.
   The disk cache also uses memory that may keep you from running the

 3.        Install Program

   The first time you run the Wing Commander III Demo the game will
   automatically run its install program. This program allows you
   to setup sound cards, set save game directories, test machine
   speed, etc.

   You should see the screen flicker twice and then a spinning ship
   should appear.  After rotating several times, the program will 
   inform you of the speed characteristics of your machine.  Except
   for the CD-ROM speed test, the lower the number, the faster your

   You must have a rate of 275,000 or greater for your CD-ROM to keep
   up with the game.  Also, if your video speed is slower than a
   rating of 12, your machine will also have difficulty keeping up.
   This is true REGARDLESS of processor speed.

   The Demo and the final game will create a small directory off of
   drive C on your system called c:\wc3.  This directory contains
   the install and configuration information for your machine.  
   Since the game plays entirely off the CD-ROM, we needed a default
   directory in which to save this information.

   The Demo supports Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro and
   SoundBlaster 16 digital sound cards or 100% emulation.  Other 
   cards will be supported in the final release version.

   The Demo also supports Roland RAP-10, SCC-1, and MPU-401 General 
   Midi Music Cards.  Again, Soundblaster FM and other music cards
   will be supported in the final release version.

   The Demo and final game also run in SVGA 640x480 256 color mode.
   However, this mode is ONLY accessible if you have a VESA driver
   installed or your video card has VESA built in.  If you don't
   have a VESA driver for your card, the game will run in VGA.

   There is a known problem with some VESA drivers that may cause the
   game to hang with an Exception 0.  If it does this or the video
   misbehaves in SVGA, run the Demo by typing:

       WC3DEMO -V

   This will force the game to ignore the VESA driver and use VGA.

   The Install program can be rerun at any time by typing:

       WC3DEMO -I

 4.        Game Controls

   F1              Switch to Cockpit View
   F1              Toggle HUD View
   F2              Left View
   F3              Right View
   F4              Rear View
   Ctrl-F4         Rear View in MFD
   F5              Chase Camera
   F6              Object View Camera
   N               Navigation Map
   [               Zoom in (F6 and Navmap)
   ]               Zoom out (F6 and Navmap)
   Left Arrow      Pan Left (F6 and Navmap)
   Right Arrow     Pan Left (F6 and Navmap)
   Up Arrow        Tilt Up (F6 and Navmap)
   Down Arrow      Tilt Down (F6 and Navmap)

   S               Toggle Stars
   G               Toggle Grid
   C               Center on Player
   N               Select Next Waypoint
   P               Select Previous Waypoint
   T               Cycle through Targets on Screen

   Minus Key       Decrement Throttle 5%
   Plus Key        Increment Throttle 5%
   Backspace       Set Throttle to 0
   \               Set Throttle to Max
   Tab             Afterburners (while held down)

   G               Select Next Gun Mode
   M               Select Next Missile Mode
   Ctrl-S          Engage Smart Targetting
   T               Select Next Target
   Y               Select Closest Target and Match Speed
   L               Engage Auto-lock Mode
   Enter           Fire Missile
   Space           Fire Gun

   A               Autopilot
   W               Bring up Weapon Display
   S               Bring up Shield Display
   C               Bring up Communication Display
   D               Bring up Damage Display and Toggle Text or Graph
   Ctrl-E          Eject
   G               Select Next Gun Type
   M               Select Missile Mode
   [               Missile Mode - Select Next Missile
   ]               Missile Mode - Activate Missile

   Alt-X                 Exit the Demo
   Alt-F                 Display Frame Rate
   Alt-2                 VGA Mode
   Alt-4                 SVGA Mode
   Alt-L                 Switch Mode for Fastest Frame Rate
   Alt-P                 Pause Spaceflight
   Ctrl-X                Alternate Flight Control Mode
   Alt-M                 Activate Keyboard Controls
   Alt-J                 Activate Joystick Controls
   Ctrl-Left Arrow       Make Demo Darker
   Ctrl-Right Arrow      Make Demo Brighter

   Back                               Pitch Up
   Forward                            Pitch Down
   Left                               Yaw Left
   Right                              Yaw Right
   Button 0                           Fire Gun
   Button 1 & Forward                 Increase Throttle
   Button 1 & Back                    Decrease Throttle
   Button 1 & Left                    Roll Left
   Button 1 & Right                   Roll Right
   Double Click Button 1 and Hold     Afterburner
   Button 1 & Button 0                Fire Missile

   Up Arrow                           Pitch Up
   Down Arrow                         Pitch Down
   Left Arrow                         Yaw Left
   Right Arrow                        Yaw Right
   >                                  Roll Left
   <                                  Roll Right
   Shift & Above Keys                 Doubles rate

 5.        AI Notes

   All of the Kilrathi ships in the Demo are using Rookie mode.
   The final AI for the game has Rookie, Veteran and Ace modes.
   The Rookie mode makes all pilots Rookies, the Veteran mode makes
   Ace pilots into Veterans with everyone else being a Rookie and
   Ace mode plays the game with all pilots set to their normal levels.

   The final game will also feature two harder modes in which every
   enemy pilot is a Veteran or an Ace respectively.

 6.        Boot Disk Configuration

   If you have 8MB of RAM and the game will not play, you should try
   to make a boot disk with the bare minimum necessary to play the

   If you need to make a boot disk, please use the below configuration
   as a guide:

   <CD-ROM drivers go here>

   PATH = C:\DOS
   <Your mouse driver goes here (ie. C:\mouse\mouse)>
   <Your MSCDEX line goes here>

 7.        Known Problems

   Some VESA drivers will cause an Exception on startup.


           Run Demo by typing: WC3DEMO -V

   The drive you choose for the save game files will be used for the
   10MB Hard Disk Cache for the CD-ROM.  If the drive is low on space
   or is fragmented, the game will exit with a "Can't create swapfile"


           Select another Drive, free up space on the current drive,
           or run a hard drive defragmentation program like Norton
           Speedisk.  To select another drive, rerun the install
           program by typing: WC3DEMO -I

   Some SCSI CD-ROM controller cards will cause the game to exit
   with an "Unknown chunk in Movie" error.


           If you have a MPU-401 General Midi card or emulator, its
           address may be conflicting with or too close to the SCSI
           card's address.  Try changing the IO Address of the SCSI
           card to a value as far away from the General Midi card's
           IO Address as is possible.

 8.        Windows and OS/2 Compatibility

   Wing Commander III is being developed to run in a DOS machine in
   both Windows and OS/2.  The minimum memory requirement for Windows
   is 12MB and the minimum memory requirement for OS/2 is 16MB.  The
   Demo SHOULD work under both Windows and OS/2.  Windows must be in
   Enhanced 386 Mode and OS/2 must have DPMI_ENABLED set in the DOS
   settings.  It should have at least 8MB of DPMI_MEMORY set.  

   If the Demo has problems under Windows or OS/2, worry not.  The
   final release will have PIFs and Icons and complete information on
   how to make it work with both systems.

 9.        Origin Catalog

   CATALOG.EXE is a Windows program which allows you to preview some
   of the upcoming Origin Releases.  To access it, run Windows,
   Choose Run from the Program Manager File Menu and type:

       where drive is the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive.
       For example, if your CD-ROM Drive is Drive D you would type:

 10.       Disclaimer

   Please remember that Wing Commander III is still in development.
   We have not completed our optimizations or our debugging of the
   final product.  Much of the game has not been completely polished.

   If the game crashes unexpectedly, please bear this in mind.


Thank You for checking out our Demo!
The Wing Commander III Development Team.