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Creator HCl, AD
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Filesize 20 kB

A tool capable of extracting the video files from the Playstation Wing Commander Games.

Archive Contents

  • delib.exe
  • instructions.txt
  • psxvideo.exe


The program supports extracting videos coded with stereo sound. Videos coded in stereo include the WC3 intro and most (if not all) WC4 videos. Note that most WC3 movies are coded in mono. Also, videos are now exported to 14.99 fps instead of 15fps. Strange as it sounds, 14.99 seems to be the correct frame rate (15 fps will give some desyncs at the end of large videos, such as the WC3 intro).

To convert PSX movies to AVI, do the following:

  • Extract the LIB: this can be accomplished through "delib movies1.lib"
  • Convert a WVE to AVI: "psxvideo sc_011a.wve". If the video is using stereo sound, use the -stereo flag: "psxvideo -stereo sc_001a.wve"
  • Note: using the stereo flag in mono videos (or vice versa) will break the exported video... Rule of thumb is: WC3 videos are coded in mono, WC4 videos are coded in stereo. Exception: WC3 intro is coded in stereo.
  • To mass-convert all WVE files in a folder, the following should work: "for %i in (*.wve) do psxvideo %i"

Some curiosities:

  • The WC3 PSX videos have 24-bit color depth while the PC version has a more reduced color depth (256-colors, with frequently changing palettes). Resolution is about the same on both (320x160) as is sound quality (22050Hz, mono), although the sound on the PSX version uses lossy compression while the PC version has sound in uncompressed format, as i recall.
  • WC3 PSX videos are coded at 320x160, while WC4 PSX videos have a lower resolution, only 288x144. I'm guessing they lowered the video bitrate to compensate for the increased audio bitrate, since one of the selling points of WC4 was the support for Dolby Surround.