Dralthi IV

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Dralthi IV
Type Medium Fighter
Primary User Kilrathi Empire
Additional Users Free Republic of the Landreich
Ragark Clan
Introduction 2660s
Length 31 meters
Mass 15 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 430 KPS
Max Afterburner Velocity 1100 KPS
Acceleration 200 k/s2
Max Y/P/R 55/65/55 deg/s
Missiles 1 x 4 Medium Hardpoints,
  • 80 cm fore/aft
  • 60 cm port/starboard
Shields 120 cm
Decoys 6
Crew 1 (Pilot)

The Dralthi IV was a light fighter produced by the Kilrathi Empire and a member of the long-running Dralthi fighter line. It was the final Dralthi variant to be fielded during the Terran-Kilrathi War.


The Dralthi IV filled the role of its predecessors as a fast, maneuverable light fighter designed to ensure the quick interception of its foes from the Terran Confederation. With a standard weapons loadout, it was specially suited as a patrol fighter and raider craft that could rapidly pursue Terran fighters and light starships with relative ease. It was a perfect craft for assaulting lightly-armored Terran transports passing through enemy space, ensuring heavy losses in civilian shipping. However, the Dralthi IV also sported a low acceleration and weak shields that made it an easy target for experienced Terran pilots. Its infamous "bat-wing" design inherited from the previous Dralthi models also made it an especially large target, rendering it even more vulnerable to enemy fire.

The Dralthi IV entered service during the final years of the Terran-Kilrathi War and was fielded in large numbers in 2669. Dralthi IVs often flew in pairs or even larger numbers depending on the threat posed by the Terrans, and were often seen flying alongside Darkets. They served largely as in-system raiders and conducted numerous assaults against Terran convoys and small task forces. They would see much combat up to the destruction of Kilrah that same year, and remained a common sight in Kilrathi space long after the War's end.

One notable wartime Kilrathi ace, Dakhath "Deathstroke" nar Caxki, flew for the duration in 2669 in a highly-ornate Dralthi IV.

The Dralthi IV continued to defend Kilrathi interests into the 2670s, and was encountered once again by the Terrans during the Border Worlds Conflict in 2673. In one such engagement, pilots from the Union of Border Worlds encountered a convoy ferrying Kilrathi Chancellor Melek nar Kiranka, former aide to Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka to his home on Pasqual X. The convoy had been ambushed by a force of unknown assailants and several Dralthi IVs were lost in their failed defense of the convoy. Fortunately, the Border Worlders rescued the surviving members of the convoy and escorted them to Pasqual.

The Dralthi IV remained on the frontlines into the 2680s, when the Nephilim emerged to invade the known galaxy. Dralthi IVs were fielded against the Nephilim, but they were easy prey for the enemy, which sported greater technology and greater numbers.

The Dralthi IV would finally be superseded by later Dralthi models after the 2680s.



Dralthi IV