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Type Heavy Fighter
Primary User Kilrathi Empire
Length 36 meters
Mass 19 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 380 KPS
Max Afterburner Velocity 950 KPS
Acceleration 150 k/s^2
Max Y/P/R 45/55/45 deg/s
Guns 1 Tachyon Gun, 2 Plasma Guns, 2 Ion Guns
Missiles 4 Stalker HS,
4 Claw IR
Turrets 2 Meson Guns
Armor 100 cm fore
100 cm aft
100 cm sides
Shields 200 cm fore
200 cm aft
Decoys 8
Cloak No
Jump Drive Yes

The Vaktoth is a heavy fighter produced and fielded by the Kilrathi Empire.

Seen in great numbers during the later stages of the Terran-Kilrathi War, the Vaktoth and its payload were specially designed for the purpose of escort and scout missions without the assistance of capital ships. With firepower and armor comparable to that of the HF-66 Thunderbolt VII, the Vaktoth was a dangerous adversary that could easily square off against Terran pilots, especially if in greater numbers. It also sports a lethal rear turret that can pick off Terran pursuers with relative ease, and thus must be approached with caution.

The Vaktoth appeared in many engagements with the Terran Confederation during the later years of the Terran-Kilrathi War, taking part in numerous convoy and assault missions. They played a prominent role in the assault on Tamayo II, operations in Ariel and Alcor, among other theaters of action, and proved a substantial threat to the Terrans.

Even after the war ended in a Terran victory in 2669, Vaktoths remained active across the former Kilrathi Empire as recently as 2681. In that year, Vaktoth squadrons squared off against the invading Nephilim forces, with many falling prey to this new and unknown enemy.