F-38 Talon

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F-38 Talon
Type light fighter
Primary User militia
Additional Users Church of Man, pirates
General Characteristics
Length 181 meters
Crew 1 (pilot)
Maneuverability good
Acceleration very good
Maximum 400 kps
Maximum Afterburner 1000 kps
Default Missile Loadout
Jump Drive yes
Front 9 cm
Rear 8 cm
Side 7 cm
Talon, as discovered in the Tri-System circa 2790.
Source Gemini Sector: An Overview

The Talon is one of the most common fighters on the Terran-Kilrathi frontier, owing to the 2654 illegal sale of the fighters by Gemini Sector Governor Menesch to the Church of Man. For the fifteen years following that event, Talons became not only the primary vehicles of neo-luddite terrorism, but also common tools of pirates, mobsters and any other sort of illegitimate operation that might benefit from a fast, cheap fighter. Further complicating the matter, many frontier militia units also use the craft. In short, space is full of Talons.

In 2790, a disabled Talon was discovered at nav point #190 in the Tri-System. The CIS issued a code 3 top priority call for the destruction of the ship and the capture of its pilot. The Papagod Clan deployed a pair of Temblers to capture the ship for themselves. At this time, it is unknown why the appearance of an antique fighter caused such a serious reaction.


VariantMax. SpeedAfterburnWeaponShield LevelFore ArmorAft ArmorSide ArmorSource
F-38 Talon4001,000Mass drivers (2)
Particle cannon (1)
HS missiles (2)
987Gemini Sector: An Overview
Talon (Militia)4001,000Mass drivers (2)
Particle cannon (1)
HS missiles (2)
Level 7807060Wing Commander: Privateer
Talon (Pirate)4001,000Mass drivers (2)
Particle cannon (1)
HS missiles (2)
Level 6706050Wing Commander: Privateer
Talon (Retro)4001,000Laser cannons (2)
Mass driver (1)
DF missile (1)
Level 10706050Wing Commander: Privateer

Gemini Sector: An Overview

The Talon is probably the ship you will encounter most often in Gemini. Flown by numerous different factions, it may appear in slightly different designs but its weapon loadouts and dynamics remain the same. You should take extreme care to keep the Talon away from your rear, since it is equipped with numerous HS missiles. If you are an accomplished pilot, you should be able to take out a Talon with relative ease, especially if you are flying a Stiletto or a Centurion, since its armor is extremely weak. Try to avoid its particle cannon, since a hit can inflict sizable damage.

Privateer Playtesters’ Guide

Your Guide to the Universe

Unknown Ship

No record of this class of ship is available through the CCN, and no statistics for it could be found. However, reports of a ship fitting this description have been increasing. If you sight a ship resembling the picture to the right, please contact the office of Jak Synaslew, CIS Director of Vehicle Identification and Classification.

1. As depicted in internal models for Privateer 2: The Darkening.