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Privateer - Screenshot - Refueler - Close.png
Type Truck

The Refueler is a type of truck that delivers fuel to spacecraft at hangars.


Box Art


Behind the Screens

Refueler is the term used in the game's development material; it does not have a canonical name.

Privateer was originally intended to include an animated refueler and loader at nearly every hangar which would interact with your landed spacecraft. The animations were cut from the game and the refueler removed entirely. It does appear in a screenshot used in print advertising and then three times on the box of the game itself. The 3D model for the Refueler has been discovered marked inactive in PAD.3DS in the WC3D archive. The Refueler also appears in a number of other screenshots of pre-release builds of the game.


Pre-Release Images

Source Models

  • PAD - Landing Pad (with Refueler)