Tayla - Mission B (Wing Commander Privateer)

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This article is about the Wing Commander Privateer mission. For the Privateer Righteous Fire mission, see Tayla - Mission B.

Tayla - Mission B
MM - PRIV - Tayla B.png
Date 2669
Type Cargo Mission
Jumps 4 (Pentonville, 119CE, Junction, Pender's Star, Troy)
Payment 15,000 credits
Objectives Go to Troy, Nav 4

Deliver cargo to Hector

Cargo Mission Cargo (10)

Alien Artifact (1)

Designation S1MB
Previous Tayla - Mission A
Next Tayla - Mission C
Saved Game S1MB.SAV

Tayla - Mission B is a mission in Wing Commander Privateer. It may be accessed by talking to Tayla at the bar on Oakham in the Pentonville system after completing Tayla - Mission A.

Mission Description

Take cargo of Brilliance to Hector mining base in the Troy system.

Pays 15000 credits.

Return to Oakham pirate base in the Pentonville system for Tayla's next mission.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Pentonville System
Nav 1 3 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Nav 2 3 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Hidden 3 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Troy System
Nav 3 1 Militia Talon MIL_1A
2 Militia Talon confident pros
Nav 4 2 Militia Talon MIL_1A
1 Militia Talon confident pro


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Tayla

What took you so long, $CS? Rough day at the office?
Business before banter, Tayla. The money.  
Relax, $CS. The first installment is right here.
That's better. Now tell me about the artifact.
Why would Sandoval just hand it over if it's so valuable?
Maybe he got a sore neck from watching his back all the time.
How's your neck feeling? Getting sore yet?
No...but I don't intend to let you get behind me, Tayla.  
Wrong, ace. I've never whacked anyone for profit.
Now, your next job is to run a load of Brilliance to Hector mining base in Troy.
The run pays 15,000 credits...too much for such an easy job, if you ask me.
Accept Refuse
I'll take your word for it. What kind of opposition am I looking at?  
Minimal. Maybe a few militia patrols, nothing you can't handle.
Yeah? And what about all these pirates? What if they get greedy?  
While you work for me, no one'll hassle you.
If you make it back, meet me back here in the bar for your pay.
WHEN I get back, Tayla, you better have some answers.
You're pulling my chain. I'll learn about the artifact on my own.  
You'd better reconsider, Captain. You'll need all the help you can get.
Someone knows what that artifact is. And if it was worth killing Sandoval...
...then killing you will be no more to them than...overhead.


Talk to Tayla

You haven't flown the mission YET? What's the problem?
I'm waiting for the mood to hit me.
Unless you fly that load of Brilliance to Hector mining base in Troy quick...
...the only thing that's gonna hit you is hard times.
You need to chill, Tayla. I know the routine.
I hit Hector, leave the ship docked, let your goons go over it...
...and remove what law enforcement officials refer to as \""the evidence\"".
Then I head back here and link up with you in the bar to get my 15,000.
Just make sure you complete the delivery, $CS. SOON.


Talk to Tayla

So...you want the mission after all?
Let's just say I'm reassessing my options.  
Smart move. You're taking a load of Brilliance to Hector mining base in Troy.
Just hit Hector, leave your ship docked...
...and meet me back here in the bar when you're done.
I'll pay you 15,000 credits for the mission...and tell you a little more about your treasure.
How about it?
Accept Refuse
Sure, why not? I could use the credits.
If you don't want the job, just leave me alone!

In Flight

Arrive Troy System Nav 3 or 4

Filthy little Brilliance runner! You're busted!


Talk to Tayla

Okay, sweetheart. What's my next assignment?
Uh uh. You're a bad pony. I can't afford to bet on you anymore.
You screwed up the last mission, $CS. I'm cutting my losses.
You'll have to take your chances with Insys. I'm out of here.
But I need information on that artifact, Tayla!
You should've thought of that before you choked up. Later.

Privateer Playtester's Guide


Summary You'll need to make an illegal run of Brilliance to Hector mining base (Troy).
Payment 15,000 credits.
Requirements Deliver cargo to Hector without getting destroyed by the militia, then return to Oakham for Tayla's next mission.
Opponents 3 hostile militia Talons at Nav 3 and Nav 4 in Troy. Note that all pirates in Pentonville are friendly as long as you work for Tayla.
  • This mission can be a little tricky and you'll probably have to load the game back up a few times. The best way to do this mission is make sure aall you do is afterburner through the jump points as quickly as possible. There will be militia and Confederation ships all around trying to destroy you. You'll get a secret compartment in a couple of missions, so don't even try to fight these guys. - "Deetchman"

WC:CIC Game Guide


After all that, Tayla tells you precious little about the artifact. And you have to fly another mission for her. At least you have the promised 10,000 credits. But now you have a much more risky mission to fly...


Carry cargo of Brilliance to Hector mining base, land, then return to Oakham.

Scripted Encounters

Militia as soon as you enter Troy.


  • The pirates near Pentonville still aren't attacking you, but further out they might and the Militia will if they scan you and detect the Brilliance. Only attack the Militia if you must though.
  • You may find that once you deliver your cargo, the pirates attack you.

User Comments

Submitted by : Q ()

Mission : Tayla

Comments : on all of tayla's missions just afterburn past the patrols with a centurion, if you don't own a centurion i suggest that you take a break from the plot missions and earn enough to buy one.

Submitted by : rob ()

Mission : orion

Comments : you can easily afterburn past the patrols (or almost any enemy) with an orion too.

Submitted by : jt (mrmsje@yahoo.com)

Date : Sun Jan 20 02:05:09 2013

Mission : Tayla

Comments : Got to 3rd base with Tayla. She's not nearly as sarcastic after she sees your ship and 'equipment.' Oh, that may be info she wouldn't like me tossing around. Forget I mentioned it.