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Privateer - Sprite - Galaxy - Perspective.png
Type Ship
Primary User Merchants

The Galaxy is a class of Merchant ship. Galaxies are also operated by pirates. Centurions are one of the four basic models of single-person ships available to the general public in Gemini Sector. They are available to privateers at Ship Dealers for 150,000 credits unconfigured. The 2669 model of the Galaxy made two pilot MFDs standard. Around 2670, Galaxies became able to support level 5 engine upgrades and shield generators. Gabriel Quentin wrote about the spaeccraft in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW.

In 2669, pirates operating a Galaxy named the Black Rhombus tapped into the Oxford University system remotely, copied information and then deleted it to sell to the highest bidder. At the request of E. Masterson, Grayson Burrows located and destroyed the Black Rhombus.

In 2670, a pirate Talon attacked a Galaxy in Oxford. Grayson Burrows eliminated the Talon.





Sprite Sheets


Name Galaxy Galaxy
Source Playguide Privateer
Faction Merchant Merchant
Class Ship Ship
Max. Velocity 300 kps 300 kps
Aft. Velocity 750 kps 750 kps
Acceleration Average 330
Max. YPR Average 114/112/122
Power Supply 120 GW
Energy Gauge 150 GJ
Guns Mass Driver (2) Mass Driver (2)
Weapons Mass Driver (4) Meson Blaster (2, Top)
Mass Driver (2, Bottom)
Weapons Dumb Fire (3)
Heat Seeker (4)
Launcher #1: Heat Seeker (2)
Launcher #2: Dumb Fire (3)
Cargo Hold 150 units 2-5 containers from:

Mining Eqpmnt (1-5)
Generic Foods (1-8)
Medical Eqpmnt (1-8)
Ejected Pilot (1-2)
Ejected Pilot (1-2)
Iron (10-20)

Shields Heavy
Levels 3
Power 60 GW
Regen 2
Side Shields 30 cm equiv. each
Fore Shields 30 cm equiv.
Aft Shields 30 cm equiv.
Shield Effect 91%
Side Armor 17.5 cm equiv. each 17.5 cm equiv. each
Fore Armor 25 cm equiv. 25 cm equiv.
Aft Armor 20 cm equiv. 20 cm equiv.
Upgrades Afterburners
Top Turret
Bottom Turret


Version Privateer Righteous Fire
Engine Upgrade Level 3 Level 5
Shield Upgrade Level 3 Level 5
Gun Racks 2 2
WoTB Racks 2 2
Turrets Top & Bottom Top & Bottom
Cargo Exp. 75 units 75 units
MDFs 2 2







B and S



Missile Launcher

Torpedo Launcher

Tractor Beam



Mass Driver

Meson Blaster

Neutron Gun

Particle Cannon

Tachyon Cannon

Ionic Pulse Cannon

Plasma Gun

Fusion Cannon

Steltek Gun

Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide


A versatile merchant’s vessel, the Galaxy is perfect for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. She is by no means a military vessel, but a Galaxy can usually protect herself and the large amount of cargo she’s able to carry.

Cockpit. This large, roomy cockpit offers decent visibility despite the bulky ship behind it. Some pilots may take a while to adjust to the limited HUD area. Unlike most modern ships, the Galaxy’s HUD is not built into the main window. Instead, it is suspended above the MFDs in front of the window. Dual MFDs have been standard since the 2669 model and are a popular feature (see illustration). All displays are conveniently placed for ease of use.

Speed/Maneuverability. Supports up to a Level 3 engine upgrade. For a ship of its bulk, the Galaxy is extremely maneuverable, although not as fast as we would have hoped.

Ordnance/Protection. Due to the large size of this ship, it is able to support both top and bottom turrets. Shield Level 3 is the maximum supported by the Galaxy. Without turrets, there are slots for only two guns and two weapons or tractor beams.

Overall Performance Rating. The Galaxy is successful in its role as the top-of-the-line mercantile vessel available to the public. I give it an A without reservation. Trigger-happy pilots are a little disappointed in its moderate top speed, but the availability of two turrets adds a comfortable measure of safety.

Privateer Playtesters' Guide


A fully-equipped Orion can be sold to buy either a Galaxy or a Centurion. You will even have sufficient resources to equip either one of these vessels. If you decide on the Galaxy, you should make sure to buy the following equipment before you ven-ture out into space:

Suggested Loadout

  • Dual missile launchers with IR missiles
  • 4 tachyon cannon (2 in each turret)
  • Cargo expansion
  • Top and bottom turrets
  • Tractor beam in turret
  • Level 3 ECM
  • Repair droid
  • Level 3 engine and shield upgrades
  • Tungsten armor
  • Afterburners

  • You want to avoid any combat missions in the Galaxy. Move back to the Potter Quadrant to avoid dangerous enemies and asteroid fields. Your ship is heavy and ponderous and will be easy to hit. The Galaxy is a good drug-running ship, especially for the route between Pentonville and New Detroit.
  • Your ship is quite slow, however, so you will get caught by militia patrols. As soon as they announce a contraband search, you should immediately eject your cargo by pressing (1. Once they have left, you can retrieve your merchandise with your tractor beam.
  • Never accept cargo missions to different destinations. When you land at the first base, you will automatically lose your second cargo mission. Once you've lost a cargo mission this way, there's nothing you can do with that cargo but eject it into space. (Or wait for it to disappear automatically the next time you land.) No com-modity exchange will accept cargo marked specifically for a mission.


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