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Type bounty hunter heavy fighter
Primary User mercenaries
General Characteristics
Crew 1 (pilot)
Cargo Capacity 50 units
Cost c200,000
Maximum Yaw 158 dps
Maximum Pitch 168 dps
Maximum Roll 160 dps
Acceleration 500 k/s2
Maximum 500 kps
Maximum Afterburner 1000 kps
1 (rear)
Default Missile Loadout
Jump Drive non-standard
Shield Level Level 8
Front 175 cm
Rear 125 cm
Side 125 cm
Centurion target designation, 2669
Source Wing Commander: Privateer


VariantMax. SpeedAfterburnWeaponShield LevelFore ArmorAft ArmorSide ArmorSource
Centurion5001,000Mass drivers (2)
Tachyon cannon (1)
Particle cannon (1)
IR missile (2)
FF missile (2)
Level 8175125125Wing Commander: Privateer
Centurion (Governor Menesch)5001,000HS Missiles (2)
FF Missiles (2)
Mass driver (2
Tachyon cannon (1)
Particle cannon (1)
Level 8175125125Privateer: Righteous Fire
Centurion (Mordecai Jones)5001,000Steltek guns (4)
HS missiles (2)
FF missiles (2)
Proton torpedo (10)
Level 8175125125Privateer: Righteous Fire
Centurion (Playguide)5001,000Mass drivers (2)
Tachyon cannon (1)
Particle cannon (1)
IR missile (2)
FF missile (2)
201515Gemini Sector: An Overview



This is the workhorse of the mercenary community. The Centurion is a heavy fighter with the ability to do almost any gun-for-hire work. The limited cargo hold can contain more than an overnight bag but not by much. This is a ship for those pilots who love to fly, but it won't make you a living on the trade circuit.

Cockpit. High visibility. The dome cockpit of this single-seater affords the pilot a clear view of his target. Ride is comfortable at high speeds and in tight turns. It has one MFD, along with standard armor and radar displays (see illustration). Instrument placement is intuitive and easy to read; overall design is highly ergonomic.

Speed/Maneuverability. I've been very impressed with the roll rate of the Centurion, although light fighters such as the Talon easily outmaneuver it. For a fighter of its class, this ship offers clean tight flight dynamics. Supports engine upgrades through Level 3.

Ordnance/Protection. A rear turret is a popular option for this ship. It supports up to Level 3 shield upgrades. There are slots for four guns and two weapons or tractor beams, even without a turret.

Overall Performance Rating. For the mercenary community this ship earns an A while those with more mercantile ambitions find its small cargo hold, and inability to support a cargo hold expansion a definite turn off. Consider your needs before investing.

Privateer Playtesters' Guide

If you sell your Orion you will have enough credits to buy a fully-equipped Centurion. If you are flying a Galaxy, you will need an extra 100,000 credits to make your purchase. The Centurion is an extremely fast and maneuverable fighter. If you're a good pilot, you can probably survive with Level 2 shields. but you should eventually upgrade to Level 3.

Suggested Loadout

  • The Centurion is ideal for any type of combat mission. Accept lucrative patrol, bounty hunting and attack missions. If you destroy pirate ships, you can retrieve their cargo and sell it. Keep in mind, though, that this ship does not have a big cargo hold.

  • The Centurion is the only ship suited for the Fariss Quadrant. If you select New Caledonia as your home base, you can profit from the lucrative trade run between New Caledonia (refinery) and Prasepe (mining). Even though you will encounter pirates along the way, this ship is able to deal with their small, lightly armed fighters.



Behind the Screens

Original Centurion model, rendered from the Wing Commander 3D archive.