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The Dralthi is a series of highly-successful Kilrathi fighters, best known for their distintive wide wings.

Some specific members of the Dralthi series are:

  • KF-100 Dralthi, Medium Fighter, the first Dralthi design, and the only one to not have some version of the "bat-wing" design. Entered Kilrathi service 2521.
  • Dralthi I, Medium Fighter, the second and perhaps the most recognizable variant which entered service in 2645.
  • Dralthi Mk II, Medium Fighter, a more heavily armed successor to the original Dralthi which entered service in 2655.
  • Dralthi III, Light Fighter,a radical redesign of the Dralthi, designed as a lightly-armed scout.
  • Dralthi IV, the final Kilrathi War-era variant of the Dralthi that served as a standard light fighter and interceptor in 2669.
  • Dralthi VI, Light Fighter,a standard mid-size Kilrathi fighter.
  • Dralthi VII, Light Fighter,a heavily-armed variant capable of independent long range operation.
  • Dralthi IX, Medium Fighter, a design with three variants introduced to combat the Nephilim.

See also the KF-507 Drakhri, a fighter that is commonly mistaken for a Dralthi model but is an entirely different design.

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