E. Masterson - Mission B (Privateer Righteous Fire)

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This article is about the Privateer Righteous Fire mission. For the Wing Commander Privateer mission, see E. Masterson - Mission B.

E. Masterson - Mission B
MM - RF - E Masterson B.png
Date 2670
Type Patrol Mission
Jumps 0 (Oxford)
Payment 10,000 credits
Objectives Go to Oxford, Nav 1

Clear navpoint

Go to Oxford, Nav 2

Clear navpoint

Go to Oxford, Nav 3

Clear navpoint

Designation S11MB
Previous E. Masterson - Mission A
Next E. Masterson - Mission C
Saved Game S11MB.PRS

E. Masterson - Mission B is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to E. Masterson at the library on Oxford in the Oxford system after completing E. Masterson - Mission A.

Mission Description

Patrol Oxford system and destroy all pirates and Retros.

Pays 10000 credits.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Oxford System
Nav 1 3 Retro Talon fanatical novices
2 Retro Talon fanatical novices replacements
Nav 2 1 Pirate Talon confident novice
1 Merchant Galaxy timid pro friendly
Nav 3 2 Pirate Talon confident pros
Nav 4 1 Militia Talon confident pro friendly


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Masterson

Good to see you back, $CS. We've been needing your help.
Yeah, well, I didn't realize how dangerous research had gotten.
The Retros are always at our throats trying to stop it,
and the pirates trying to get to it.
Which, of course, could mean money for you. We need someone to patrol Oxford.
Well, I suppose I could take easy money from you.  
Don't you have less skilled help with your simple chores?
The militia re-enforcements are weeks late. They're in high demand these days.
We need you to patrol each nav point, and eliminate any threats...
...fanatical or opportunistic.
Come back here for payment.
I could use the target practice, but not for free, of course.
I can offer the usual 10,000.
Accept Refuse
Good luck. See you soon.  
Sorry. Not my style.


Talk to Masterson

Oxford Security reports increased activity in the system.
Obviously, you've not held up your end of the deal.
Could be temporary amnesia. What was I supposed to do?
Simply Patrol all nav points of Oxford System, and return for 10,000.
Accept Refuse
Pirates, Retros, death, 10,000. Got it.  
You have to quit changing your mind like this.
It might get in the way of the information you seek.


Talk to Masterson

O.K., Masterson, I've reconsidered.  
Tell me the details again.
Patrol the nav points in Oxford.
Destroy all Retro and Pirate threats,
And return for your 10,000.
Hurry, if you're interested in more work.
Accept Refuse
You must not value my opinion of your dependability.
I'm sure my friend would not approve.

WC:CIC Game Guide


Your second chore is to patrol Oxford system. Not difficult, but at least it pays well. If you're short on cash you could fly some extra Patrol Oxford missions from the terminal or Mercenaries Guild at the same time.


Patrol Oxford System then return to Oxford.

Scripted Encounters

Pirates or Retros at each Nav point except Oxford.


  • The only type of ship that you are likely to face in this mission is the Talon. However, there are likely to be at least 6 of them although not at the same time. Be prepared just in case.

User Comments

Submitted by : Wedge009 (swong009@student.mq.edu.au)

Mission : Employers

Comments : Of the three employers (Confed, Murphy, and Tayla), only two are need to be satisfied before Masterson introduces you to his friend. In my first play of RF, I completely missed Tayla.

Submitted by : Sycrusian (sycrusian@yahoo.com)

Mission : Steltek Gun

Comments : I really don't remember the details, it was a long time ago, but I was able to keep my Seltek Gun from Privateer by rewriting my savegame file extension so that it would be recognized by Righteous Fire.

Submitted by : Junta (olainormann@hotmail.com)

Date : Sat May 5 14:42:14 2012

Mission :

Comments : Sycrusian: Yes, it is possible to cheat. You are a cheater. Have you ever completed a game without cheating?