Tayla - Mission B (Privateer Righteous Fire)

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This article is about the Privateer Righteous Fire mission. For the Wing Commander Privateer mission, see Tayla - Mission B.

Tayla - Mission B
MM - RF - Tayla B.png
Date 2670
Type Cargo Mission
Jumps 2 (Sherwood, New Caledonia, Prasepe)
Payment 20,000 credits
Objectives Go to Prasepe, Nav 3

Deliver cargo to Saratov

Cargo Mission Cargo (10)
Designation S8MB
Previous Tayla - Mission A
Next Tayla - Mission C
Saved Game S8MB.PRS

Tayla - Mission B is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to Tayla at the bar on Tuck's in the Sherwood system after completing Tayla - Mission A.

Mission Description

Take cargo of Brilliance from Tuck's to Saratov mining base in the Prasepe system.

Pays 20000 credits.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Sherwood System
Nav 1 2 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Nav 2 2 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Nav 3 2 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Nav 4 2 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Nav 5 2 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Nav 6 2 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Nav 7 2 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Nav 8 2 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
New Caledonia System
Nav 1 2 Bounty Hunter Demon fanatical pros
Nav 2 4 Militia Talon confident pros


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Tayla

Congratulations, $CS. You finally made it.
Yeah, yeah. Say, just what was that 'personal stuff' anyway?
None of your business, naturally.
And speaking of business, I've got a load of Brilliance for you to smuggle.
Great. There's nothing like running a gauntlet of self-righteous Confeds.  
Where's the Brilliance going?
A mining base in Prasepe called Saratov.
It should be a piece of cake, if you can avoid contraband searches.
Come back here for payment.
What's the wages?
20,000. Deal?
Accept Refuse
Good luck. See you soon.
Sorry. Not my style.


Talk to Tayla

The boys on Saratov say they haven't got their Brilliance yet.
What's the deal?
Just bring the Brilliance to Saratov, and you get 20,000.
Are you going to do it?
Accept Refuse
Brilliance, Saratov, 20,000. Got it.
You have to quit changing your mind like this.
It'll give you a bad rep.


Talk to Tayla

Tayla, I've thought about your offer.  
Tell me the details again.
Take a load of Brilliance to Saratov base in Prasepe.
Come back here and get 20,000. It's that simple.
Accept Refuse
Let's hope the Confeds are napping today.

WC:CIC Game Guide


Now on to the Tayla that we know: the smuggler. Brilliance is highly illegal and even though you have a hidden cargo area, the Militia have found a way to scan it.


Fly Brilliance to Saratov in Prasepe system. Land, then return to Tuck's (Sherwood Nav 3).

Scripted Encounters

Militia upon entering New Caledonia system.


  • When the militia attack you, you can either return fire which could make them permanently hostile, or you can just run to the next jump point. It is entirely your choice.

User Comments

Submitted by : jt (mrmsje@yahoo.com)

Date : Sun Jan 20 02:48:00 2013

Mission :

Comments : Yeah, our old friend, Mr. Lynch. His offer is well worth it. By the time you get to him, everyone in the universe wants your head on a stick. It's cool not to have red dots on the screen each time you jump.

Submitted by : Junta ()

Date : Sat Aug 10 18:57:17 2013

Mission :

Comments : jt: It depends who you kill. If you have behaved well, most people will be friendly. And you can talk everybody except Retros into getting friendly anyway.