E. Masterson - Mission D (Privateer Righteous Fire)

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This article is about the Privateer Righteous Fire mission. For the Wing Commander Privateer mission, see E. Masterson - Mission D.

E. Masterson - Mission D
MM - RF - E Masterson B.png
Date 2670
Type Escort Mission
Jumps 0 (Oxford)
Payment 10,000 credits
Objectives Go to Oxford, Nav 4

Defend Transport

Designation S11MD
Previous E. Masterson - Mission C
Next E. Masterson - Mission E
Saved Game S11MD.PRS

E. Masterson - Mission D is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to E. Masterson at the library on Oxford in the Oxford system after completing E. Masterson - Mission C.

Mission Description

Meet with the equipment transport at Oxford system, Nav 4, and escort it safely to jump point at Oxford Nav 1.

Pays 10000 credits.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Oxford System
Nav 1 1 Retro Talon fanatical pro
2 Militia Gladius confident pros friendly
Nav 4 3 Retro Talon fanatical pros
3 Retro Talon fanatical pros replacements
1 Merchant Drayman mer_11d friendly


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Masterson

I don't have time to swap pleasantries, $NM.
We have a freighter making the jump to Saxtogue from Nav 1, Oxford System.
We're making a series of transports of library support machinery.
We believe they could be in some danger from Retro attacks.
Escort the freighter and make sure it jumps out safely...
...and return here for your payment...along with more work.
How long before they strike?  
They could arrive at any moment. Please help, $NM.
Surely, 10,000 credits still interests you.
Accept Refuse
Okay, I'll save your equipment. But I'd better get a full letter of recommendation to your friend.  
We'll see about that.
Shove off, pal. Consider this payback for all the crap you've given me.  
Unless you take this mission, consider our agreement terminated.


Talk to Masterson

Of all the...what are you doing here?
Our freighters are being attacked even now!
Unless you hurry up, we won't get sufficient equipment for the reconstruction.
Well, I...  
What are you standing there for?
Launch and escort our freighter to the jump point at Nav 1...
...or kiss your precious information good-bye.
Please decide. Are you going to do it or not?
Accept Refuse
Try and get it right this time.
Dealing with you can be very frustrating.


Look, $NM, We need a freighter escort. Our freighters are sitting ducks without protection.
The freighter is making the jump to Saxtogue at Nav 1, Oxford.
I told you, if you want 10,000 credits and an introduction to my friend, you need to defend it!
Will you help us, or not?
Accept Refuse
Okay, I'm going.  
Stop stalling and save that freighter, damn it!
Touchy, touchy...
Forget it, Masterson. This mission looks like a suicide run.  
I need the information, but it's only useful to me if I'm around to enjoy it.



Welcome, volunteer! You will escort us to Nav 1. And don't abandon us before we jump out! I sure hope you're a good shot!

WC:CIC Game Guide


A transport carrying library equipment needs to leave the system, but because he is worried about a Retro attack, he wants you to escort it to the jump point. You need to make sure that it jumps out before returning to Oxford.


Meet transport at Nav 4 and escort it to Nav 1. Wait until it jumps out, then return to Oxford.

Scripted Encounters



  • Upon launching you'll find the transport in the area with Retro forces closing in. They'll come in two waves of 3 Talons. Take them out, then autopilot towards Nav 1. You'll have to wait some time for the transport to reach the jump point since it is so slow.

User Comments

Submitted by : Wedge009 (swong009@student.mq.edu.au)

Mission : Employers

Comments : Of the three employers (Confed, Murphy, and Tayla), only two are need to be satisfied before Masterson introduces you to his friend. In my first play of RF, I completely missed Tayla.

Submitted by : Sycrusian (sycrusian@yahoo.com)

Mission : Steltek Gun

Comments : I really don't remember the details, it was a long time ago, but I was able to keep my Seltek Gun from Privateer by rewriting my savegame file extension so that it would be recognized by Righteous Fire.

Submitted by : Junta (olainormann@hotmail.com)

Date : Sat May 5 14:42:14 2012

Mission :

Comments : Sycrusian: Yes, it is possible to cheat. You are a cheater. Have you ever completed a game without cheating?