Lynn Murphy - Mission D

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Lynn Murphy - Mission D
MM - RF - Lynn Murphy D.png
Date 2670
Type Patrol Mission
Jumps 2 (New Constantinople, Newcastle, Metsor)
Payment 50,000 credits
Objectives Go to Metsor, Nav 1

Clear navpoint

Go to Metsor, Nav 2

Clear navpoint

Designation S9MD
Previous Lynn Murphy - Mission C
Next E. Masterson - Mission A (if you have completed Tayla - Mission D or Sandra Goodin - Mission D)
Saved Game S9MD.PRS

Lynn Murphy - Mission D is a mission in Privateer Righteous Fire. It may be accessed by talking to Lynn Murphy at the bar on Edom in the New Constantinople System after completing Lynn Murphy - Mission C.

Mission Description

Patrol the Metsor system eliminating any hostile presence in the system.

Pays 50000 credits.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Newcastle System
Nav 1 2 Retro Salthi unknown
XXN-1927 System
Nav 4 2 Retro Salthi unknown
Metsor System
Nav 1 4 Pirate Talon confident pro
4 Pirate Talon confident pro replacements
Nav 2 4 Retro Talon fanatical pro
4 Retro Talon fanatical pro replacements
4 Retro Talon fanatical pro replacements


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Lynn Murphy

Well, the food's delivered, but you and I both know it's just a drop in the bucket.  
I thought you were just in it for the money, $CS.
Yeah I guess I mostly am. Speaking of which, any more jobs?  
Yes. I've got one more I'm willing to give you. It's a doozy.
Go on.  
Pirate and retro activity is wreaking havoc on the Metsor system.
Several major corporations, who wish to remain anonymous,
have offered big bucks to whoever clears out the system.
I won their contract, and I'm offering you 50,000 to do the job.
Destroy all pirates and retros in the Metsor system.
Return here afterwards.
Accept Refuse
50,000. I can't believe a skinflint like you would cough up that much cash.
But I'll be happy to relieve you of it.
50,000, ace. See where else you can get a deal like that.


Talk to Lynn Murphy

$NM, you can't accept a job like this and then forget about it.
Powerful corporations hire powerful bounty hunters.
I'll take my chances. Tell me the story again.  
Destroy all pirate and retro vessels in the Metsor system.
Return here afterwards for 50,000.
Accept Refuse
Don't screw it up, $NM. I'm warning you.
Keep an eye out for the thugs, $NM. That's all I can say.


Talk to Lynn Murphy

Has anyone else taken the mission yet?  
It's still yours, if you want it. Want the details again?
Destroy all pirate and retro vessels in the Metsor system.
Return here afterwards for 50,000. Simple, but not easy.
Accept Refuse
Good luck, $CS. You'll need it.
Not right now. I'll keep it in mind, though.


Talk to Lynn Murphy

$CS, that's all the work I have for you right now.
I do have a standing offer, though.
There's this guy named Menesch. You may hear about him in your travels.
We're offering a big bounty on him,
If you ever get around to collecting it, come back here,
And I'll pay you the sum of 30,000.
That guy's been a thorn in my side for a long time.
Anyway, thanks again. See you.
Menesch, huh? I'll remember that.

WC:CIC Game Guide


50,000 credits for a patrol! Hey, that's the kind of money you need to make if you want to buy the new upgrades in Righteous Fire.


Patrol Metsor system and destroy all hostiles. Return to Edom when this is complete.

Scripted Encounters

"Unknowns" at jump to Metsor

Retros at Nav 2

Pirates at Nav 1


  • This mission is quite a contrast to previous missions. 3 of those unknown fighters before you even jump in to Metsor, when you do you are faced with 9 Retros at Nav 2, 9 Pirates at Nav 1, plus a possible 3 Retros between Nav 1 and 2. The Retros are also fond of ramming you, so I hope you are prepared to take a bit of battering.
  • Upon return to Edom, Murphy pays you, but she has no more work for you. She does offer to pay a bounty if you manage to take out Governer Menesch, but that comes later. For now we'll move on to your next employer... head to Perry Naval Base in Perry system and have a chat with Sandra Goodin.

Community Comments

Submitted by : Guardian ()

Mission : Lynn Murphy 4

Comments : I got 2 Unknown on the jump from Newcastle to Metsor, then 9 Retro at Nav 1, 3 Pirate between Navs, 6 Pirate at Nav 2, and 2 more Unknown once I jumped to XXN-1927.

Submitted by : Junta (

Date : Sat May 5 14:43:54 2012

Mission : 4

Comments : Guardian: You are right. The information above is incorrect. No way there are 9 pirates at any nav point in Metsor. It's 9 retros and 6 pirates.