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Mass Driver
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A Mass Driver or Mass driver or mass driver or Mas is a type of gun used on spacecraft. Mass Drivers are available for sale to privateers at ship dealers.


Version Velocity Refire Delay Energy
Range Duration Abuse Cost Resale Resale Damaged Repairs
Privateer Playguide Manual 1300 kps 0.4 seconds 8 GJ 3.2 cm 1,500 credits
Privateer 1300 kps 0.4 seconds 8 GJ 3.2 cm 3.4 seconds 390 1,500 credits 1,000 credits 150 credits 1-119 credits
Privateer Playtesters' Guide 0.4 seconds 8 GJ 3.2 cm 4500 m medium


Mass Drivers may be installed on the gun slots of the stock Tarsus, Orion, Galaxy and Centurion.

Bounty Hunters

Church of Man

Empire of Kilrah




Terran Confederation

Individual Users



Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide


For many pilots in Gemini, this is the most important purchase you make after your ship. Guns are listed here in order from least to most expensive. Be careful to balance the energy use with the engine upgrade available. Shields and guns combined can leave you powerless and vulnerable. Check to make sure you are getting the most power for your credits and that you optimize your energy use. Buying a gun you haven’t got the juice to fire is a painful experience.

The velocity listed is the ammunition speed when shot from a stationary craft. Refire delay is the shortest time in which the gun can recharge for the next shot. Energy use is the amount of energy, in Gigajoules, used by each gun per shot. Armor penetration is based on the durasteel standard, and is listed only for comparison.

Privateer Playtesters' Guide


Your gun loadout is especially important in a close combat situation. In general, more powerful guns inflict significantly more damage, but they also drain your energy resources more rapidly and have a longer refire delay. Keep the gun range in mind when you are firing at hostile fighters. Wasted shots will drain valuable energy, leaving you in a more vulnerable position.


  • The mass driver and the laser are the two weakest guns available. As soon as you manage to get some money. you should trade these guns for more powerful weapons. The laser cannon does have the advantage that you can fire it non-stop without sig-nificant energy drain. However, it will do little damage to your enemy. Even though meson blasters and tachyon cannons only do a medium amount of damage, they are generally considered the most effective guns fora Privateer, since they maintain a good balance between damage potential and energy drain. — "Deetchman"
  • Most of the more powerful guns have long recharge periods and significant energy drain, e.g. the ionic pulse cannon or the plasma gun. These weapons require that you be a more accurate marksman since it is imperative not to waste any shots. — "Falcon"
  • When you are buying guns for your ship, keep in mind that you need to balance shield levels with guns. If you are flying a slow and unmaneuverable ship, you will want to carry guns with minimal energy drain so you can fortify your shields. Conversely, a highly maneuverable ship will allow you to evade enemy hits more easily, so you can use more powerful guns with high energy usage. —'Dragon"
  • The highest level of each radar brand you can purchase comes with an ITTS. This targeting and tracking system indicates by how much you have to lead your enemy to make an accurate hit. If you are using an ITTS, you should avoid carrying four different types of guns. Since each gun has a different velocity and range, four ITTS crosses appear on the screen and the ITTS predicted impact point will be less accurate. Having only one type of gun has the disadvantage that you can only fly with all guns on or off Flying without any guns is dangerous. When all guns are activated, you will have to deal with considerable energy loss. Ideally, you should purchase two different gun types in order to simultaneously economize on energy and utilize your ITTS. — "Falcon"
  • Keep in mind that your turrets can swivel. Those of your enemy, however, are fixed so you have a distinct advantage in battle. — "Eagle"


  • Start shooting at your enemy with missiles and finish him off with guns. Missiles won't take enemy ships out with one hit, but they will take down the shields. If you have dual missile launchers, you may be able to finish him off with missiles alone. – "Balzac"

Wing Commander Privateer Reference Guide

ITTS. If your scanner supports it, use I to activate your ITTS. It computes by how much you have to lead your target to hit it.

There is a different color-coded ITTS cross for each gun type:

  • Gray - mass driver.


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