Tayla - Mission C (Wing Commander Privateer)

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This article is about the Wing Commander Privateer mission. For the Privateer Righteous Fire mission, see Tayla - Mission C.

Tayla - Mission C
MM - PRIV - Tayla C.png
Date 2669
Type Cargo Mission
Jumps 3 (Pentonville, 119CE, XXN-1927, New Constantinople)
Payment 20,000 credits
Objectives Go to New Constantinople, Nav 5

Deliver cargo to New Constantinople

Cargo Mission Cargo (25)

Alien Artifact (1)

Designation S1MC
Previous Tayla - Mission B
Next Tayla - Mission D
Saved Game S1MC.SAV

Tayla - Mission C is a mission in Wing Commander Privateer. It may be accessed by talking to Tayla at the bar on Oakham in the Pentonville system after completing Tayla - Mission B.

Mission Description

Take a shipment of Brilliance to base New Constantinople.

Pays 20000 credits.

Return to Oakham pirate base in the Pentonville system for Tayla's next mission.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Pentonville System
Nav 1 3 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Nav 2 3 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
Hidden 3 Pirate Talon confident pros friendly
New Detroit System
Nav 9 3 Confed Stiletto confident pros
2 Confed Broadsword confident aces
Junction System
Nav 5 3 Confed Stiletto confident pros
2 Confed Broadsword confident aces
XXN-1927 System
Nav 3 3 Confed Stiletto confident pros
2 Confed Broadsword confident aces
Newcastle System
Nav 4 3 Confed Stiletto confident pros
2 Confed Broadsword confident aces


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Tayla

You took your sweet time, Captain.
Better late than never. Now I want my money...and info on the artifact.  
I won't say anything that will tip my hand prematurely...
...but I can tell you that Sandoval got it by killing its previous owner.
Before that a spice merchant named Deiter...obtained it from his own father.
Death follows this thing, $NM. Feel lucky?
Just give me my next mission, and let me worry about my health.  
I'll pay you 20,000 credits to make another delivery of Brilliance.
I'm putting you on my main supply route to New Constantinople.
A promotion, huh? And what'll I be up against?  
Some Confed patrols, but I've paid some major bribes to make sure you're left alone.
Major bribes, huh? Great. I smell a major risk here.  
You're taking a bigger risk keeping that artifact with so many willing to kill for it.
I'm taking a risk trusting you in the first place.  
I've always paid you on time, so quit whining.
Are you going to fly my mission...or not?
Accept Refuse
I made an agreement with you and I'll honor it.  
Good. You'll transfer the cargo from here to New Constantinople.
Once you arrive, leave your ship unattended for an hour...

.: ..then get the hell out. I know the drill, Tayla.

A hotshot pilot with brains. Wonders never cease.
Hurry back. I'll be waiting right here with your pay.
Wealth sounds great, but I tell you what, sweetheart...  
...I'm going to find it on my own. Later.
Stay alive without my help, $CS...if you can.


Talk to Tayla

Please, tell me you've completed the delivery to New Constantinople.
Not yet. What's the hurry?
Time is money, $NM. How much is how soon, get it?
Got it. I'll be heading in there soon.
Whether or not I get out depends on how substantial your bribes were.
That's one heavily patrolled sector!
I told you, Insys has been taken care of.
Just run the Brilliance from here to New Constantinople...
...dock there, leave your ship, take a stroll...
...and then meet me here in Oakham for your 20,000.
And more information on the artifact, Tayla.
I'll uphold my end of the bargain. Make sure you do the same.


Talk to Tayla

Hey, I really hope you've changed your mind about flying this mission.
I need someone good to fly some Brilliance to New Constantinople...
...taking over my standard supply run from someone who...didn't work out.
I'd pay you 20,000 credits to make the run, dock and leave the ship unattended...
...and meet you back here for my pay...along with some information, right?  
Yeah. I've spread a few bribes around Insys to pave your way...
...though if you hit some Confed patrols, watch out. So how about it?
Accept Refuse
If you don't want the job, just leave me alone!


Talk to Tayla

Okay, sweetheart. What's my next assignment?
Uh uh. You're a bad pony. I can't afford to bet on you anymore.
You screwed up the last mission, $CS. I'm cutting my losses.
You'll have to take your chances with Insys. I'm out of here.
But I need information on that artifact, Tayla!
You should've thought of that before you choked up. Later.

Privateer Playtester's Guide


Summary More drug running for the promise of information about the artifact. This time you're to take Brilliance to the capital, New Constantinople, and return to Oakham for Tayla's final mission. Before you leave, she informs you that Sandoval killed for the artifact and that he wasn't the first to do so. All she really does is confirm that the artifact you possess is extremely valuable. It's clear, though, that she wants you to run the mission and won't say anything else until you return.
Payment 20,000 credits.
Requirements Land at New Constantinople and return safely to Oakham.
Opponents There will be 3 hostile Stilettos, whose objective is to destroy you, and two hostile Broadswords, whose objective is to prevent you from using a jump point. Their location will depend upon the route you take to New Constantinople. The possibilities are:
Junction, Nav 5 New Detroit, Nav 9
XXN-1927, Nav 3 Newcastle, Nav 4

Note that all pirates in Pentonville are friendly as long as you work for Tayla.

  • Despite her promise to have bribed the Confederation, they attack you on the way no matter which route you take. - "Balzac"
  • This mission will have about the same difficulty as the last mission. Just go as fast as you can and afterburn through to New Constantinople. There will be a lot more confeds this time, so be careful. In the next mission you'll receive your secret compartment, so be patient. - "Deetchman"

WC:CIC Game Guide


Tayla informs you of the artifact's history... and how each of its previous owners died... or were killed. But to find out more, you need to run more Brilliance. This time straight into the heart of Confed space: New Constantinople.


Carry cargo of Brilliance to New Constantinople, land, then return to Oakham.

Scripted Encounters

Confed just before New Constantinople Jump Point

User Comments

Submitted by : Q ()

Mission : Tayla

Comments : on all of tayla's missions just afterburn past the patrols with a centurion, if you don't own a centurion i suggest that you take a break from the plot missions and earn enough to buy one.

Submitted by : rob ()

Mission : orion

Comments : you can easily afterburn past the patrols (or almost any enemy) with an orion too.

Submitted by : jt (mrmsje@yahoo.com)

Date : Sun Jan 20 02:05:09 2013

Mission : Tayla

Comments : Got to 3rd base with Tayla. She's not nearly as sarcastic after she sees your ship and 'equipment.' Oh, that may be info she wouldn't like me tossing around. Forget I mentioned it.