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Jeannette Devereaux
May 31, 2626 - 2669

Circa 2654 serving on the Tiger's Claw

Callsign Angel
Place of birth Brussels, Belgium, Earth.
Place of death Kilrathi throne room , Kilrah System

Age at Death about 43

Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Navy
Years of service 2650-2669
Rank Colonel
Relations Close Friend(lover) Christopher Blair

Jeannette Devereaux, aka "Angel", was a Terran Confederation fighter pilot assigned to the TCS Tiger's Claw. She was born in Brussels, Belgium in 2626. She was known for her adherence to regulations and her skill with fighter weapons. She was featured in Pilot Profiles in April 2654, at which time she held the rank of Captain. She was awarded a Bronze Star in April 2654, which was reflected in that month's Comm Relay.

Jeannette Devereaux was born in 2626, a native of Brussels, Belgium, Earth.

TCS Tiger's Claw

Jeannette served aboard the TCS Tiger's Claw. On 2654.135, Captain Jeannette “Angel” Devereaux and 1st Lieutenant Mariko “Spirit” Tanaka launched from the Tiger's Claw in Raptors to defend an Exeter-Class Destroyer from Kilrathi attack in the Gimle System. Later that day, they launched in prototype Rapiers, performing a standard three-point patrol, and again in Raptors to attack a couple of wings of Dralthi.

On 2654.137, Major James “Paladin” Taggart and Captain Devereaux launched from the Tiger’s Claw in Hornets to rescue Valkyrie, a pilot under attack by Krant fighters in the Chengdu System. Later on the same day, they flew again in Hornets to escort an Exeter-Class Destroyer to the Ymir jumppoint, and again to defend the Tiger’s Claw from six Gratha.

On 2654.326, Captain Devereaux and Christopher “Maverick” Blair launched in Raptors from the Tiger’s Claw to defend her from Kilrathi attack in the Goddard System. On 2655.010, they again launched in Raptors to escort the Sleipnir convoy to a jump point.

Operation Crusade

On 2655.271, Devereaux and fellow Tiger’s Claw pilot Major Kien “Bossman” Chen were ambushed by several wings of Kilrathi Imperial Guard fighters jumping into the Firekka System. The Kilrathi strike force consisted of a Fralthi, a number of [[Corvette|corvettes and two Lumbari. Chen ordered Devereaux back to the Tiger’s Claw with the final words, “Angel, tell my wife I love her”. Chen occupied the Kilrathi long enough to let Devereaux escape, but was killed in the ambush, leaving Devereaux emotionally distraught for several days.

On 2655.278, Colonel Zaritsky of the TCS Austin offered Devereaux command of Austin’s fighter squadron. She decided to accept the post of squadron commander by 2655.293 and was promoted to the rank of Major.

On 2655.293, Captain Devereaux and Christopher Blair launched in captured Dralthi to escort a marine Drayman back to the Tiger’s Claw in the Corsair System. Later that day, the Tiger’s Claw attempted to lure Kilrathi ships into an ambush before they could retaliate against Firekka. Devereaux and Blair launched in Rapiers to destroy as many Kilrathi ships as possible.

When the Tiger’s Claw was destroyed in the K'tithrak Mang System, Devereaux was among the few survivors.

TCS Concordia

By 2665, Devereaux was commander of the TCS Concordia's fighter squadron. The war against the Kilrathi took its toll on Jeannette and when long-time friend Mariko “Spirit” Tanaka died in a kamikaze attack on the Heaven's Gate Starbase in Heaven's Gate on 2666.356, Devereaux was left feeling emotionally empty. Christopher Blair comforted Devereaux during this time, and they began a long-term relationship with each other.

On 2667.035, Colonel Devereaux and Captain Blair launched in Broadswords to jump ahead of the Concordia and clear out any Kilrathi in the area before the Concordia arrived. Upon her arrival in the Enigma System, the Concordia moved in to a nearby asteroid belt and powered down for repairs.

On 2667.042, Devereaux and Blair flew again in Broadswords to destroy the Korah Pakh Kilrathi listening post at the edge of the Enigma asteroid belt.

On 2667.049, the TCS Concordia discovered a Kilrathi strike force at the edge of the Enigma asteroid belt. Devereaux and Blair launched in Broadswords to attack the strike force, deliberately allowing a Ralatha-Class Destroyer to jump out of the system. Devereaux tracked the Ralatha’s course back to its base in K’tithrak Mang before jumping after the Ralatha to finish it off. With the information on the location of the Kilrathi base, Devereaux and Blair return to the Concordia.

On 2667.069, Devereaux called Major Zachery “Jazz” Colson to her office for a discussion on the upcoming attack on K’tithrak Mang. Jazz accidentally revealed that he knew more than he should, and Devereaux realized that he was the Mandarin traitor aboard the TCS Concordia. Jazz threatened Devereaux with a gun, but Devereaux defended herself, disarming Jazz and forcing him to flee the Concordia.

On 2667.092, communications were lost with the Rigel Supply Depot and several Free Traders that were en-route. Colonel Blair flew the first jump point patrol solo in a Broadsword from the Pembroke System. However, previous losses had left a shortage of gunnery officers so gunnery teams were supplemented with pilots. Devereaux flew with Blair as his Chief Gunnery Officer. Upon arrival in Rigel, they were attacked by human pilots flying Confederation Ferrets.

On 2667.093, Devereaux assigned Blair, Sky and Shelton to investigate a distress call from a Kilrathi corvette. However, the Kamekh was under attack by mutineers from the TCS Gettysburg, and they destroyed the corvette before Blair’s wing could intervene. Later that day, Devereaux briefed Blair on the Gettysburg mutiny. The Gettysburg was stationed in N'Tanya, during the Kilrathi rebellion in that system. Pilots refusing an illegal order from the Gettysburg commander triggered the mutiny.

On 2667.099, Colonel Devereaux and Captain Maria “Minx” Grimaldi encountered a massive Kilrathi force while flying a patrol. Devereaux ordered Grimaldi back to the Concordia so that the F-95 Morningstar Grimaldi was flying would not be captured, while Devereaux chose to stay and fight. When Colonel Blair found that Grimaldi had returned without Devereaux, he immediately launched to rescue her.

At some point during their relationship, Jeannette and Christopher spent a week on leave on the beaches of Vespus.

Covert Operations

As Christopher Blair was promoted to Wing Commander of the TCS Concordia, Devereaux transferred to James Taggart’s Covert Operations Division. Blair thought her move to be out of character, believing Devereaux to be cool and rational. However, Devereaux stated that she was simply prompted by her regard for Taggart.

Mission to Kilrah and Death

Shortly after the Battle of Earth, Devereaux undertook a covert operation to Kilrah itself, taking a hijacked Kilrathi transport. Before leaving, she sent an e-mail to Blair on 2669.210, from her e-mail address: adevereaux@tcn.covert-ops.

During the mission, Devereaux’s covert ops team set up three secret depots in the Kilrah system which the Temblor Bomb attack led by Christopher Blair would eventually use to re-fuel and re-arm. She also surveyed a newly discovered jump point, through which Confederation forces could jump in.

Colonel Devereaux and her team were captured over the Kilrah homeworld but before their Kilrathi freighter was seized, the covert operations team sent a coded signal to indicate that the supply depots had been set up in Kilrah.

Devereaux's comrades were executed in the Kilrathi throne room via disintegration and video of their execution was aired on Kilrathi propaganda broadcasts. Devereaux herself was given “a warrior’s death”, impaled by the claw of Prince Thrakhath. Her remains were later served during a Kilrathi feast.

Prince Thrakhath broadcasted a recording of Devereaux’s execution to the TCS Victory on 2669.244 in an effort to draw out Christopher Blair, and also to trigger the awakening of Ralgha nar Hhallas’ true personality.

In spite of her tragic death and the enormous emotional toll it inflicted on her lover Colonel Blair, Angel's heroic actions on Kilrah prior to her execution enabled her 'lair mate' to successfully deliver the Temblor Bomb to Kilrah, securing the defeat of the imperialist Kilrathi.

The Devereaux, the research vessel assigned to examine the remains of the Kilrathi homeworld in 2681, was named posthumously in honor of the Colonel Devereaux, who helped make possible the Confederation's final victory over the Kilrathi. The vessel itself came to a tragic end when it became the first Terran ship to come in contact with the hostile Nephilim.


Alternate History (the real world)


Jeannette's name appears in several Wing Commander products with a number of spelling variations. In the movie novelization the name is spelled with one N and Devereaux appears minus an E. Devereaux also appears minus an E in the film itself on Angel's flight helmet, and on her uniform nametag. The name appears as Jeanette Devereaux (lacking only the one letter in her first name) in the US R1 DVD insert bios.

Behind the Scenes

  • In WC2, Angel's voice was provided by Denise Dee.
  • In WC3, Angel was portrayed by Yolanda Jilot.
  • In the 1999 film Wing Commander, Angel is portrayed by actress Saffron Burrows. Devereaux's name is spelled "Deveraux" in the film and spinoff materials.


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