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This article is about a ship in service before the Kilrathi War. For other uses, see Concordia.

TCS Concordia
Type Confederation-class dreadnought
Primary User Terran Confederation
Service Terran-Kilrathi War
Source Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi

Wing Commander: End Run
Wing Commander: Fleet Action
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

TCS Concordia (CVS-65) was a Confederation-class dreadnought commissioned by the Terran Confederation Navy. She was the third ship of the Confederation to carry the name.

Concordia spent the vast majority of her career as the flagship for the Enigma Sector fleet under the command of Rear Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn. She quickly became one of the most sought-after postings in the entire fleet. The ship and her flight wing were the principal force in driving the Kilrathi from the Enigma Sector in a six-year span leading up to the destruction of K’tithrak Mang in 2667. The carrier also played a key role in recovering TCS Gettysburg after her mutiny and assisted in the defense of Ghorah Khar from a Kilrathi counter-attack. Concordia was forced to retreat from the Deneb sector in late 2667, shortly after pilots from her airwing destroyed the Mandarin stronghold at Ayer's Rock.

The TCS Concordia destroys a Fralthra cruiser with her phase-transit cannon in 2667 during the assault on Ayer's Rock.

She distinguished herself once again during the Battle of Vukar Tag in 2668, where she assisted the Wolfhound, the Gettysburg and the Trafalgar in destroying six Kilrathi fleet carriers. Following the conclusion of the battle, Admiral Tolwyn detached Concordia before the system was secure to jump behind enemy lines and rescue the TCS Tarawa which was attempting to escape Kilrathi forces after its historic raid on Kilrah.

The Concordia would later see action at the Battle of Sirius, where she aided the Terran fleet in delaying the Kilrathi Hakaga Fleet assault on Earth. Despite putting up a valiant fight, Concordia was badly damaged and Admiral Tolwyn ordered her to retreat to Earth to make a final stand.

After the Terrans routed the Kilrathi from Sol in the Battle of Earth, the Concordia was found to be so badly damaged that she was permanently assigned to patrol duties, her days as a front-line carrier over. She was assigned to exterminate any Kilrathi stragglers from the attack by conducting a sweep of the star systems surrounding Sol. While conducting operations at Vespus in 2669, the Kilrathi ambushed the Concordia with, among other craft, strakhas. The vessel was crippled and crashed down onto Vespus' surface, settling into the sea off the Mistral Coast. Presumably, all crew members died on board.

Colonel Blair and General Taggart observe the wreckage of the TCS Concordia after its destruction above Vespus in 2669. The Terran flagship is a total loss.

General James Taggart and Colonel Christopher Blair would later discover the Concordia crash site after the battle. The vessel was partially submerged, its bow jutting out of the water and suffering sporadic internal explosions. Colonel Blair reported that the Concordia, the pride of the Confederation fleet, was a total loss.

The second Midway-class carrier, Mistral Sea, was named for the sea on Vespus where Concordia now rests.

Behind the Screens

The Concordia is the player's home base for the majority of Wing Commander II. It first appears in the second mission of Wing Commander II, where the player character (Christopher Blair) and his wingman save it from a Kilrathi attack. It also appears, albeit less frequently, as the home base of the player in both Special Operations 1 and Special Operations 2. It is seen for the last time in the opening scene of Wing Commander III, where Blair and Paladin report its loss to Admiral Tolwyn.

Concordia takes its name from Concordia University, a college nearby the studios of Origin Systems in Austin, Texas.