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  • Major Zachary Colson is exposed as an agent for the Society of Mandarins and the one responsible for the destruction of the TCS Tiger's Claw; he is captured by Captain Christopher Blair during a failed escape attempt.
  • Captain Blair is cleared of guilt in the destruction of the Tiger's Claw.
  • Captain Blair destroys the Kilrathi Sector HQ at K'tithrak Mang, shattering the Kilrathi forces in the Enigma Sector.
  • The Enigma Sector Campaign ends.
  • The Kilrathi renew their campaign to retake the separatist colony of Ghorah Khar.
  • The Concordia thwarts an attack on Pembroke Station in the Pembroke System.
  • A mutiny occurs on the TCS Gettysburg after its commander, Commodore Cain, issues an illegal order to attack unarmed Kilrathi vessels carrying loyalist Kilrathi Imperials.
  • Rogue forces from the TCS Gettysburg seize the Rigel Supply Depot; several civilian freighters are destroyed by the pirates.
  • The mutineers on the Gettysburg are pardoned for their crimes; the enemy-controlled Rigel Supply Depot is destroyed in an assault led by Colonel Blair and Gettysburg pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Poelma.
  • Colonel Blair is transferred to the Special Operations Division.
  • The Kilrathi launch a massive assault on Olympus Station at Ghorah Khar; the Confederation holds the station despite heavy losses.
  • Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka is captured by the Confederation after a failed assassination attempt by former retainer Khasra Fireclaw.
  • Crown Prince Thrakhath escapes captivity and kills Khasra.
  • The Kilrathi invade the Deneb Quadrant of the Epsilon Sector; the attack is a major victory for the Kilrathi as the Confederation 6th Battle Fleet is completely destroyed.
  • Convicted Terran traitor Zachary Colson escapes execution on Earth after the Mandarins hijack the prison vessel on which he was being held.



  • Taggart's team discovers Ayer's Rock, the headquarters for the Society of Mandarins where all of the Mandarin leaders are hosting an emergency meeting.
  • The TCS Concordia is ambushed by a pair of Fralthra-Class Cruisers; she successfully thwarts the attack.
  • The Confederation spy Scorpion is executed by the Mandarins on Ayer's Rock after his loyalties are exposed.
  • Colonel Blair destroys Ayer's Rock, shattering the Mandarin network.
  • Captain Maria Grimaldi dies in a failed attempt to escape the Confederation.
  • Zachary Colson is killed by Christopher Blair near Ayer's Rock.


  • Battle of Vukar Tag: In a decisive surprise attack, the Terran Confederation fleet, led by Admiral Wayne Banbridge attacks the Kilrathi fleet at Vukar Tag; this resounding victory results in the destruction of five Kilrathi fleet carriers and untold thousands of Kilrathi soldiers.
  • Raid on Kilrah: Strike Force Valkyrie, led by the TCS Tarawa raids the Kilrathi home world of Kilrah; the attack destroys several Kilrathi shipyards and fleet carriers under construction before the battered strike force retreats.