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  • The Kilrathi retreat from the Novaya Kiev System.
  • The TCS Concordia arrives in Novaya Kiev.
  • Christopher "Maverick" Blair and Etienne "Doomsday" Montclair are deployed to destroy a Kilrathi supply depot to slow the Kilrathi advance through the system. They conduct a mini-jump to reach the depot, which is on the far side of the system and succeed in destroying it. Both are required to refuel on the TCS Valdez before returning to the Concordia.
  • "Dallas" is killed in action while on patrol with Captain Dirk "Stingray" Wright.
  • An explosion on the flight deck of the Concordia is stated to be the result of a broken fuel line, but fuel lines are absent in the area of the blast.


  • Montclair and Blair abort their patrol in order to rescue Wright, who was forced to eject after being shot down by Kilrathi patrols. Blair is ordered to retreat with the news of incoming reinforcements, but disobeys orders and continues to rescue Wright.



  • The traitor on the Concordia contacts Mariko Tanaka and offers her a position in the Society of Mandarins. Tanaka reveals this only to Blair and swears her allegiance to the Terran Confederation.
  • Blair and Montclair are deployed on a routine patrol when Blair is ordered to intercept a Confederation courier ship being ambushed in the Talbot System. The courier ship is destroyed, but not before deploying a data pod for Blair to retrieve for Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn.



  • The Concordia arrives in the Heaven's Gate System as part of the Confederation offensive to liberate the system.
  • Tanaka is withdrawn from active duty by Admiral Tolwyn, but is soon reinstated.
  • Blair and Tanaka fly as Zeta Wing and patrol the system's various jump points. They destroy a small strike force in the process, but Tanaka is forced to eject and is rescued by Blair.
  • Colonel Ralgha nar Hhallas and Captain Wright argue over Captain Blair's loyalty to the Confederation, and are promptly taken to sick-bay after the argument dissolves into physical violence.


  • Blair and Tanaka escort a convoy out of Heaven's Gate, comprised of the TCS Dhalma and the TCS Palomino. Their wing is ambushed and Tanaka is forced to eject once again, but the two pilots are saved by Colson, even though he was not scheduled to patrol in that area.
  • Colson "destroys a Kilrathi carrier" prior to his rescue of Blair and Tanaka.


  • Tanaka is reportedly "ill" and withdrawn from active duty.
  • The Confederation's offensive is discovered and the Kilrathi move in to reinforce the system. The Confederation elects to destroy the Heaven's Gate Starbase and then retreat.
  • Blair escorts a missile transport from the TCS Agincourt to the Concordia, but encounters stealth fighters in the process. His flight disk damaged once again, he cannot prove his claims.
  • Tanaka reveals to Blair that her long-lost fiancée, Philip, is alive and being held hostage on the Heaven's Gate Starbase, according information from a traitor aboard the Concordia. She refuses to inform Angel or anyone else of the situation.


  • The Kilrathi assault the Concordia, leaving the Heaven's Gate Starbase open to attack. Wright, Colson, and Montclair intercept the strike force while Blair and Tanaka assault the starbase.
  • During their assault, Tanaka's F-57 Sabre explodes due to sabotage, killing her gunner. Blair tells her to eject, but she instead rams her fully-loaded fighter into the starbase, killing herself, Philip, and all of the Kilrathi on the station. She bids farewell to Blair before she dies.
  • The Concordia retreats from the Heaven's Gate System as the Kilrathi re-establish control of the system.
  • Mariko Tanaka is laid to rest on the Concordia.