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The Terran Confederation Marines are a division of the Armed Forces of the Terran Confederation. They are the main infantry units fielded by the Terran Confederation Navy.


The Terran Confederation Marines make up one of the main land forces of the Terran Confederation. A large organization made up of many soldiers, the Marines are charged with carrying out land operations on both Terran and enemy worlds, carrying out raids on enemy installations, taking part in the rescue of hostages and POWs, and planetary invasions. They often rely on transports and shuttles to ferry them from Terran task forces to their targets, and thus rely on the protection of Terran fighter pilots in order to reach their targets alive. Durable and trained extensively in combat, the Marines are a lethal opponent for enemy infantry.


The Terran Confederation Marines saw a great deal of action during the entire course of the Terran-Kilrathi War.

They took part in numerous planetary operations in an effort to deny the Empire of Kilrah control over the Terran populace. Marine units were deployed all across the frontlines, waiting to strike when the opportunity arose. They served with great distinction during the campaigns in the Vega and Enigma sectors.

The Third Marine Division was stationed on McAuliffe during the 2634 first Kilrathi assault on the planet, and managed to repel the invasion despite taking nearly seventy percent casualties.

In 2667, the Marines took part in the Battle of Vukar Tag, where they launched a massive ground assault against the Kilrathi forces stationed on the planet's surface. The battle was a rousing success for the Confederation in part due to the utter destruction inflicted by the battle-hardened Marines.

The Marines were also part of Strike Force Valkyrie during that fleet's Raid on Kilrah in 2668. These Marines were responsible for the destruction of several Kilrathi shipyards and facilities on Kilrah's two moons in an effort to disrupt warship production. Despite the losses they sustained, the Marines severely crippled the enemy's ability to expand its fleet.

During the Battle of Earth in 2668, several Marine units led by General Duke Grecko launched a suicidal assault against Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka's Hakaga fleet, and raided several of the Hakaga-Class Heavy Carriers threatening to destroy Earth. They boarded these carriers and rigged them to explode, suffering enormous losses but ultimately succeeding in destroying four of the five carriers involved in the battle. This proved crucial to the Terrans' victory over the Kilrathi in the battle, albeit a costly victory at that.

The Marines continued to launch numerous raids against the Kilrathi during 2669, the final year of the War. One notable ground operation was on Alcor V when the Marines rescued Dr. Philip Severin, the designer of the Y22A-1 Temblor Bomb that would eventually see the destruction of Kilrah.

The Marines remained a combat-ready force even after the end of the Kilrathi War. They proved to be a necessary asset during the political turmoil plaguing the peace-time environment within the Confederation, and continued to defend Terran citizens from rogue Kilrathi forces who still sought war with the humans.

The Marines were heavily involved in the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673, having been put at odds with the Border Worlds Militia due to the aggressive actions being staged by Black Lance forces. One noteworthy operation was the rescue of Dr. Tuesday Brody from a space laboratory captured by the Union of Border Worlds. However, the legitimate Confederation forces learned, too late, that the space laboratory was in fact a Border Worlds facility captured by the Black Lance, and Dr. Brody was later coerced into creating the genocidal Gen-Select Bioweapon for use by the Black Lance.