K’Tithrak Mang

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K'Tithrak Mang
Sector Enigma Sector
Quadrant Isaac Quadrant
Locations K’Tithrak Mang
Jump Links Enigma, Repleetah, Trk’Harna, Racene, K’arakh, Khar-Sa

K’Tithrak Mang is a star system in the Enigma Sector. Up until 2667, it was ruled by the Kilrathi Empire.

K'Tithrak Mang was the home of the Kilrathi Sector Command in the Enigma Sector. It hosts at least one planet, K’Tithrak Mang. The planet served as the command center for all Kilrathi activities in the sector. The capture of the Enigma Sector was vital to the Kilrathi because of the sector's vast number of jump points spanning across the Terran Confederation. These jump points were considered crucial to the war effort against humanity.

During the year 2656, shortly after humanity's victory in the Vega Sector, the TCS Tiger’s Claw was sent to K'Tithrak Mang to destroy the Kilrathi Sector Command. This strike was intended to bring a quick and decisive victory over the Kilrathi in the sector. Unfortunately, while it was en route, the Tiger's Claw was ambushed and destroyed by Kilrathi stealth fighters, with the loss of all hands save for pilots who were out on missions at the time. The vessel's coordinates had been leaked to the enemy by a Terran traitor collaborating with the Kilrathi. The only survivors were a handful of Terran pilots who were on patrol at the time of the ship's destruction. K’Tithrak Mang remained under Kilrathi control, and the Enigma Sector Campaign dragged on for eleven more years.

In 2667, the Terran Confederation once again attempted to conquer K’Tithrak Mang, this time with the famed TCS Concordia. While en route to the system, it was discovered that Major Zachary Colson, a Terran pilot who briefly served on the Tiger's Claw in 2656, was responsible for the attack that destroyed the Claw and had since been assisting the Kilrathi with their war efforts in the Enigma Sector. Colson was apprehended by Captain Christopher Blair and held on charges of treason before he could warn the Kilrathi of the imminent attack. Before the Concordia reached the planet, Blair himself hijacked a F-57 Sabre heavy fighter and attacked the Kilrathi Sector Command alone. After breaking through their defensive lines, Blair destroyed the Kilrathi command center, and the Kilrathi were forced to abandon the system. The success of the attack brought about a decisive end to the Enigma Campaign.


K’Tithrak Mang
Type Sector Command HQ
Primary User Kilrathi Empire

Class: Sector Command HQ
Length: 1,100 meters
Mass: 240,000 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: n/a
Cruise Velocity: n/a
Acceleration: n/a
Max Y/P/R: 1/1/1 dps
Fore Shield: phase shields
Aft Shield: phase shields
Front Armor: 700 cm
Right Armor: 700 cm
Left Armor: 700 cm
Rear Armor: 700 cm
Guns: Flak cannons (2)
Anti-matter guns (2)
Fighter Complement: 110