Heaven's Gate

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Heaven's Gate
Sector Enigma Sector
Quadrant Grills Quadrant
Locations Heaven's Gate Starbase
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Heaven's Gate is a star system in the Enigma Sector and a territory of the Terran Confederation. As of 2667, it was occupied by the Kilrathi Empire.

Heaven's Gate was occupied by the Kilrathi sometime prior to 2667. During the occupation, they seized control of the Heaven's Gate Starbase, a strategically-vital Terran facility. It was used to reinforce the Kilrathi hold on the system, as well as holding Terran POWs. Among these POWs was a man named Philip, the would-be fiancee of famed Terran pilot Mariko Tanaka.

In 2667, the Terran flagship TCS Concordia arrived in the system with the intent to liberate it from Kilrathi control. They performed this offensive in conjunction with the TCS Agincourt, a Waterloo-Class Cruiser. One of their main objectives was either the capture or destruction of the Heaven's Gate Starbase. It was hoped that such a move would break the Kilrathi's claim on the system.

However, the campaign was aborted when a Terran traitor leaked the coordinates of the Concordia to the Kilrathi fleet, forcing the Terrans to retreat. However, they chose to destroy the starbase anyway, as the Kilrathi fleet was too distracted by its pursuit of the Concordia to defend it. Captain Christopher Blair and Lieutenant Colonel Mariko Tanaka were assigned with the destruction of the starbase. Unfortunately, Tanaka's Sabre exploded when a bomb placed by the traitor exploded, sending the ship out of control. Tanaka chose to make a kamikaze attack on the starbase, against Blair's protests. The impact detonated all of Tanaka's missiles and destroyed the starbase, at the cost of Tanaka and her fiancee, who was still on the station.