F-95 Morningstar

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F-95 Morningstar
Type Heavy Fighter
Primary User Terran Confederation
Additional Users Society of Mandarins (stolen prototypes)
Introduction 2667-2668
General Characteristics
Length 20 meters
Mass 20 tonnes
Crew 1 (pilot)
Maximum Yaw 8 dps
Maximum Pitch 8 dps
Maximum Roll 8 dps
Acceleration Excellent
Cruise 220 kps
Maximum 400 kps
Maximum Afterburner 1200 kps
Particle Cannons (3)
Default Missile Loadout
Image-Recognition Missiles (2)
Torpedoes (2)
Mace Nuclear Missile (1)
Jump Drive Yes
Fore 15 cm equivalent
Aft 15 cm equivalent
Front 20.0 cm
Rear 20.0 cm
Right 20.0 cm
Left 20.0 cm
F-95 Morningstar Target Identification.
Source Special Operations 2

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The F-95 Morningstar is a heavy fighter that served with the Terran Confederation during the later stages of the Terran-Kilrathi War.

The Morningstar was, at the time of its introduction in 2668, considered the most advanced heavy fighter yet fielded by the Confederation. Designed as a space superiority fighter and a formidable assault craft, the Morningstar was a heavily-armed craft created with the intent to easily engage virtually any threat posed by the Kilrathi Empire. It was also one of the few Terran fighters built with jump capability, granting it greater autonomy on the battlefield than what is afforded to most other Confederation fighters.

Unfortunately, the Morningstar's development and subsequent introduction into service was mired by technical flaws that plagued the fighter's jump drive. When activated, the jump drive would spontaneously shut down and render the fighter inoperable, leaving the pilot stranded in space. Early prototypes of the Morningstar also were incapable of retrieving ejected pilots due to the lack of a tractor beam. Several Morningstar prototypes would be lost due to the failure of their jump drives.

In 2668, the first Morningstar squadron, the Wild Eagles, was commissioned for combat duty on board the TCS Concordia. The squadron, led by Major Todd "Maniac" Marshall, was charged with field-testing the Morningstar in preparation for full combat implementation. The squadron also included Captain Markham "Crossbones" Colt, Captain Jeffrey "Talon" Burkheimer, and Captain Maria "Minx" Grimaldi. The squadron participated in several combat missions on the Concordia, all the while tending to the fighter's various flaws.

The existence of the Morningstar was leaked to the Kilrathi by agents of the Society of Mandarins, a network of Terran traitors. The Kilrathi commissioned the Mandarins to capture a Morningstar for further study. Captain Grimaldi was one such agent, and hijacked one of the Morningstar prototypes from the Concordia and detonated explosives to cover her escape. Grimaldi escaped with a Morningstar prototype, killed Captain Colt and permanently injured Captain Burkheimer, effectively destroying the Wild Eagles. However, Special Operations Division tracked Grimaldi's fighter to Ayer's Rock, the headquarters of the Mandarins, and launched a covert operation to destroy it and the Morningstar prototype before it fell into enemy hands.

After a prolonged standoff in the Ayer's System, Colonel Christopher Blair and his allies launched a full assault on Ayer's Rock in Morningstars, eventually destroying the base and the stolen Morningstar, which was piloted by infamous Terran traitor Zach "Jazz" Colson. During the engagement, the Morningstar proved its combat effectiveness, downing dozens of enemy fighters in combat and the entire Ayer's Rock installation.


F-95 Crossbow (2668) WCAManualMorningstar.JPG YF-95/F-95 Morningstar Wc2morningstar.jpg
Sources: Wing Commander Academy Manual Special Operations 2/Wing Commander: Academy
Class: Heavy Fighter Heavy Fighter
Length: 20 meters 20 meters
Mass: 20 metric tonnes 20 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 400 KPS 400 KPS
Cruise Velocity: 220 KPS 220 KPS
Afterburner Velocity: Not Listed 1200 KPS
Acceleration: Excellent 3 (relative)
Max Y/P/R: 8/8/8 DPS 8/8/8 DPS
Guns: Particle Cannons (3) Particle Cannons (3)
Missiles: Image-Recognition Missiles (2) Image-Recognition Missiles (2)
Missiles: Torpedoes (2) Torpedoes (2)
Missiles: Mace Nuclear Missile (1) Mace Nuclear Missile (1)
Armor (Front/Rear/Sides): 20.0/20.0/20.0 cm 20.0/20.0/20.0 cm
Shields (Fore/Aft): 15.0/15.0 cm 15.0/15.0 cm
Shield Recharge: Not Listed 3 cm/seconds
Missile Decoys: None None
Jump Capable: Yes Yes
Service Entry Not Listed 2667


TCSNA Handbook

  • Spacecraft of the Terran and Kilrathi Fleets
    • "The Morningstar is generally recognized as the current Confederation state-of-the-art capital ship destroyer. It combines strong shields and armor with high maneuverability and excellent acceleration. Particle cannon and missiles make it a dangerous opponent for any fighter. However, its true strenght lies in its torpedoes and Mace missile. The Mace is the most powerful weapon currently employed in space combat. Equipped with a nuclear warhead, this weapon wields more explosive force than a torpedo."

Wing Commander 2/Wing Commander: Academy

Wing Commander 2 Conversations

  • Special Operations 2 Introduction
    • Mandarin: "The Morningstar Project is nearing the final stages of prototype testing. A squadron of test pilots is being transferred to the Concordia."
      • Kilrathi: "We must have that prototype! Bring me this Morningstar, even if you have to spill blood to get it."
      • Mandarin: "Preferably."
  • Canewdon System - Series 1 - Mission B
    • Thrakhath: "Our agent Major Colson escaped en route to his execution. He was liberated by the Mandarins."
      • Emperor: "Colson could prove useful in gaining the Morningstar prototype. Attend to it."
  • Canewdon System - Series 1 - Mission C
    • Christopher Blair: "Maniac, you old dog! What are you doing here?!"
      • Todd Marshall: "That’s Major Todd Marshall now, Maverick. I’m in command of the Wild Eagles. We’re the hottest test pilots in the galaxy! We’ve got a job to do: shake down this new fighter, the Morningstar. Maybe we’ll let you watch as we punch a hole in the galaxy."
      • Christopher Blair: "Your Morningstar sounds like an impressive craft. Just be sure you win the war in plenty of time for lunch."
  • Canewdon System - Series 1 - Mission D
    • Todd Marshall: "And that’s why we have the Morningstar. The fighter pilots of the future need a fighter of the future. So the Morningstar was built to some of my specifications. It has special capabilities that I can’t even talk to you about. Just keep watching me, pal. What you’ll see is history in the making."

Wing Commander 2 (De)Briefings

  • Canewdon System - Series 1 - Mission B
    • Christopher Blair: "I saw you working on that other Sabre earlier. Nice fuselage."
      • Sparks: "Why, thank you, Colonel."
      • Christopher Blair: "I was talking about the Sabre…"
      • Sparks: "If you think that’s something, wait until you see the new Morningstar."
      • Christopher Blair: "A Morningstar? What’s that?"
      • Sparks: "Word is it’s the new Confed fighter. They’re supposed to shake it down on the Concordia."
      • Christopher Blair: "Where’d you hear that, Sparks?"
  • Canewdon System - Series 1 - Mission C
    • Geoffrey Tolwyn: "Major, Lieutenant Burkheimer reports Captain Grimaldi’s ship didn’t make the jump."
      • Todd Marshall: "Captain Grimaldi’s ship had jump troubles, but they were supposed to be fixed before her departure. The Morningstar doesn’t yet have the capability to rescue an ejected pilot. She’s had it!"
      • Christopher Blair: "Sir, there’s a Sabre ready on the flight deck now. I volunteer to retrieve the Captain."
      • Todd Marshall: "Admiral, this is one of my squadron. I request to fly the Sabre."
      • Geoffrey Tolwyn: "In the future, Major, I advise you to keep better track of your squadron. Good luck, Colonel Blair."
    • Maria Grimaldi: "Thank you, Colonel Blair, for helping me out."
      • Christopher Blair: "Not a problem, Captain. I’m glad I could help."
      • Maria Grimaldi: "At least that Morningstar prototype won’t fall into enemy hands. There was a self-destruct device on board that activated when I ejected from it. By the way, Colonel, you can call me Maria. My callsign is Minx."
      • Christopher Blair: "Minx, what went wrong with your jump drive?"
      • Maria Grimaldi: "Apparently the engineers still haven’t found the cause of that random jump failure."
      • Christopher Blair: "It sounds like the Morningstar has a bad case of gremlin infestation."
  • Canewdon System - Series 1 - Mission D
    • Todd Marshall: "As the Morningstar still appears to be plagued by random jump failure, I would like Maverick to accompany one of the Wild Eagles on a test jump. There will be a special jump recorder on board that may give us the necessary data to correct the problem. I believe Crossbones would be the most appropriate pilot for this mission."
  • Canewdon System - Series 3 - Mission B
    • Geoffrey Tolwyn: "Ten minutes ago, the Morningstar prototype was stolen from the Flight Deck. We have confirmation from Chief McCullough that the pilot was Captain Grimaldi. Grimaldi apparently set an explosive to cover her escape… Crossbones was killed, and Sparks and Talon are in Sick-Bay. It’ll be at least another fifteen minutes until the Flight Deck is operational again. As soon as we can launch fighters, you’ll go in pursuit of Captain Grimaldi. The Morningstar doesn’t have enough range to reach the nearest habitable system – and since the ship is still subject to random jump failure – Grimaldi must be headed for a rendezvous with a nearby Kilrathi ship. Your mission is to recapture or destroy Grimaldi and the Morningstar. Whatever happens, it must not fall into the hands of the enemy. Good hunting, gentlemen."
    • Todd Marshall: "Hey, Maverick, remember when I told you that this baby had capabilities I couldn’t talk about? Well, this ship is equipped with a new type of missile called the Mace. It’s a tactical nuke!"
      • Christopher Blair: "There’s a nuclear missile in my ship?!"
      • Todd Marshall: "Yeah! Great, isn’t it? Listen, the best way to use it is to fire it at the enemy squadron when you first see ’em. I also use my particle cannons to set it off, once it’s out of range. Just don’t aim it at anything near you!"
      • Christopher Blair: "I wish I thought you were kidding about this, Todd!"

Special Operations 2