Rigel Supply Depot

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Rigel Supply Depot
Type Supply Depot
Primary user Terran Confederation

The Rigel Supply Depot was a supply station in the service of the Terran Confederation until its destruction in 2667. It was located in the Rigel System.

The Rigel Supply Depot was the site of an engagement between the Terran Confederation and a band of mutineers in 2667. Following the conclusion of the Enigma Sector Campaign, the TCS Gettysburg, a Waterloo-Class Cruiser, was commandeered by crew members who staged a mutiny against their commander, Commodore Cain. The Gettysburg then fled to Rigel, where some of the mutineers, among them marines, betrayed the crew and attacked the nearby Rigel Space Depot.

Once they boarded the station, the mutineers massacred the personnel and used the base as a point from which to raid Terran convoys. Several Free Trader-Class Transports were captured or destroyed when they got too close to the station. The Confederation assigned the Special Operations Division to investigate the incident while the Gettysburg kept its distance from both factions.

Having been reassigned to the Special Operations Division, Colonel Christopher Blair agreed to negotiate a truce with the Gettysburg crew, the Confederation pardoning them for their mutiny against a commander issuing illegal orders. However, the Rigel pirates remained in control of the depot and were preparing to destroy an incoming civilian convoy. Realizing that peace could not be achieved, Blair was authorized the destroy the depot. The Gettysburg crew assisted with the operation.

After saving the convoy, Blair and his wing destroyed the Rigel Supply Depot, ending the mutiny.