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The Terran Confederation Navy is the naval forces of the Terran Confederation Armed Forces. It is comprised of all space-bound warships and their accompanying fighters.


The Terran Confederation Navy is charged with the defense of humanity in the event of conflict with hostile races from across the galaxy. It is composed of hundreds, if not thousands of warships and thousands more fighters, including carriers, cruisers, destroyers, corvettes, frigates, transports, among other ship classes.

The Terran Confederation Navy is the main line of defense against foreign threats to humanity, and is stationed in strategic positions all across Confederation territories in order to maintain security amongst Terran worlds. Its massive numbers of vessels, men, and weapons makes it a formidable force that serves as humanity's best hope for victory in the event of galactic warfare. The Navy was based at the Terran Confederation Headquarters in orbit around one of Jupiter's four Galilean Moons.

Early History

The Navy has defended the Confederation's citizens and interests all across the galaxy, and has taken in the helm in a number of major conflicts.

In the early 2600s, the Navy was called forth to defend the Confederation in the wake of increasing tensions between Terrans and the Pilgrim Alliance, who had staged an increasingly bloody rebellion against the Confederation. The Navy was met with stiff and tenacious resistance, but the Pilgrim Alliance was eventually defeated and peace was restored between the two parties.

Terran-Kilrathi War

The Terran Confederation Navy took part in one of the worst conflicts in its history with the outbreak of the Terran-Kilrathi War in the 2630s. After humanity's first encounter with the Kilrathi in 2629, the Kilrathi harassed Terran interests all across the frontier, resulting in enormous civilian casualties. When war was finally declared in 2634, the Terran Confederation Navy mobilized to defend the Confederation from the incoming Kilrathi armadas. Its first major engagement with the Kilrathi was in 2634 in what became known as the McAuliffe Ambush. The Confederation had learned of the impending Kilrathi assault on the planet McAuliffe, one of humanity's major centers of military activity. The Navy arrived in full force, fielding a fleet twice the size of the expected enemy fleet, but were instead met with a fleet four times the expected size. In the battle that followed, the Navy was decimated by the Kilrathi and after a prolonged standoff were forced to retreat from McAuliffe, leading to McAuliffe's capture. The battle destroyed the bulk of the Terran Confederation Navy, and would have meant the end of the War had they not retreated. Ultimately, the Navy was able to reorganize itself and assembled the force necessary to engage the Kilrathi during the ongoing invasion. However, it would evolve into a conflict that would last for decades.