Secret Compartment

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Secret Compartment

A Secret Compartment is a type of upgrade that can be installed on spacecraft to increase their cargo capacity by twenty units that are also shielded from outside scanners. This allows the safe transport of contraband through Militia and Terran Confederation patrols. In 2669, Tayla developed the compartment by studying Grayson Burrows' ship schemematics. She provided Burrows with a secret compartment to transport Brilliance to New Constantinople. He was allowed to keep the compartment afterwards. The compartment transfers to new spacecraft when they are purchased. It can only store contraband and not other types of commodities. They are not available for sale at ship dealers. The


Secret compartments may be installed on the stock Tarsus, Orion, Galaxy and Centurion.

Privateer Playtester's Guide

Secret Compartment (20 cargo units). The secret compartment is yours to keep. It will automatically be moved to your new ship should you buy another one after this point in the plot. It will allow you to keep up to 20 cargo units of contraband above and beyond what your cargo hold can carry. If you purchase 30 units of Brilliance, the first 20 are placed in your secret compartment and the other 10 overflow into your regular cargo bay. The oppo-site is not true. If you were to try to buy 60 units of grain for the Orion with no cargo expan-sion, it would fill the hold at 50 units and then report "no room on ship," as it won't over-flow into the secret compartment. Goods in the secret compartment will not be expelled into space if you try to jettison all cargo.