Maneuvering Jets

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Maneuvering Jets
Privateer - Ship Modification Bay - Damaged - Maneuvering Jets.PNG

Maneuvering are a spacecraft component responsible for allowing spacecraft to change direction during flight. When maneuvering jets are damaged, control over a spacecraft becomes more difficult. Maneuvering jets come pre-installed with new spacecraft. Maneuvering jets may be repaired at ship dealers but they are not available for purchase separately.


Version Repairs
Privateer 61-5941 credits


Maneuvering Jets come pre-installed on the stock Tarsus, Orion, Galaxy and Centurion.



Behind the Screens

The graphic used to represent Maneuvering Jets was originally intended to be an EMP Shield. Most EMP aspects were cut from the game and the design was changed to be the maneuvering jets.

Unused Manual Art

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