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Jump Drive
Privateer - Ship Modification Bay - Jump Drive.PNG

A Jump Drive or jump drive is an upgrade that can be installed on spacecraft to allow it to access jump points. Every drive is capable of 6 jumps before it must be refueled at a base. Jump fuel is included in landing fees. They are available for sale to privateers at ship dealers. When a ship is traded in, the jump drive is transferred to its replacement. A single manufacturer has an essential monopoly on jump drive production. Gabriel Quentin wrote about afterburners in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW, recommending that spacecraft owners buy them.


Version Cost Resale Resale Damaged Repairs
Privateer 10,000 credits 7,500 credits 1,000 credits 9-893 credits


Jump Drives may be installed on the stock Tarsus, Orion, Galaxy and Centurion.


Individual Users


Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide

Jump Drive

This is undoubtedly one of your most important and expensive purchases. Unfortunately, one manufacturer essentially has a monopoly on jump drives (a common problem with many frontier products).

The jump drive is your ticket to interstellar travel. Without it you are unable to travel beyond the system you buy your ship in. All of Gemini’s trade, strategic position and illicit industry depend upon jump drives. Jump fuel is automatically topped off as part of your landing fees, so it’s just the initial investment that hurts. However, like a cargo expansion, this is an investment that more than pays for itself.

Privateer Playtester's Guide


  • When you buy a new ship, your maps, jump drive, and scanners are transferred automatically. You must buy everything else. — "Frog"


Behind the Screens

Three sizes of jump drives were found in the WC3D collection. The original design seems to have been to have players buy jump drives with increasing range until they could explore the systems at the end of the game. This was dropped in favor of a single jump drive type.

Source Models

  • GUIDE1 - Jump Drive - Level 1
  • GUIDE2 - Jump Drive - Level 2
  • GUIDE3 - Jump Drive - Level 3 (game model)