ECM Package 2

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ECM Package 2
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ECM Package 2 or ECM Level 2 or Electronic Counter Measures Package 2 is a type of upgrade that may be installed on spacecraft to reduce the chance that they will be targeted by enemy missiles. ECM Package 2 has a 50% success rate. It is available for sale to privateers at ship dealers. Gabriel Quentin wrote about ECM packages in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW.


Version Rate Cost Resale
Privateer 50% 15,000 credits 10,000 credits


AN ECM Package 2 may be installed on the stock Tarsus, Orion, Galaxy and Centurion.


Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide

ECM Packages

Electronic Counter Measures come in three levels, each working to prevent missile locks. (Note that even if they break the lock, they do not prevent missiles from flying straight and hitting you.) In our testing, Level 1 ECM only had about a 25% success rate in breaking a missile lock. Each upgrade seemed to improve the success rate by another 25%.

Privateer Playtesters' Guide


  • After you fly a few random missions with your torpedo launchers and your guns, you should purchase an ECM package. Since your shields and armor probably aren't upgraded yet, ECM packages can protect you from missile today. Start with level I and upgrade as quickly as possible. Shield and armor upgrades should be your nest step. – "Eagle"


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  • ECM2 - ECM Package 2