Shield Generator 6

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Shield Generator 6
Privateer - Ship Modification Bay - Shield 1.PNG

A Shield Generator 6 is an upgrade that can be installed on spacecraft to add defensive shields. Shield generators use 100 gigawatts and provide the equivalent of 100 centimeters of protective durasteel. They became avaialble for sale to privateers at ship dealers around 2670. Shield Generator 6 can be cycled to two thirds power, one third power or turned off in-flight to divert power to other systems. Gabriel Quentin wrote about shield generators in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW, recommending that spacecraft owners have one higher level of engine upgrade than shield.


Version Levels Power Regen Front Back Sides Effect Cost Resale Resale Damaged Repairs
Privateer 3 116.25 GW 4 57.5 cm 60 cm 57.5 cm ea. 100% 180,000 credits 110,000 credits 15,000 credits 121-11,881 credits


A Shield Generator 6 may be installed on the stock Orion.



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