Hunter AW 6i

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Hunter AW 6i
Privateer - Ship Modification Bay - Scanner 5.PNG

A Hunter AW 6i is a type of Hunter AW brand scanner that can be installed on spacecraft. It provides radar, target information, friend-or-foe HUD targeting and a target camera. The Hunter AW scanners include Friend-or-Foe color coded radar. They were available for sale to privateers at the Software Booth at ship dealers. Gabriel Quentin wrote about scanners in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW.


Version Brand Type Range HUD Brackets Target Lock ITTS ID Chance Cost Resale Resale Damaged Repairs
Privateer Hunter AW Friend-or-Foe color coded 35,000 K Yes Yes No 15%/s 50,000 credits 37,500 credits 1750 credits 60-5940 credits


A Hunter AW 6i may be installed on the stock Tarsus, Orion, Galaxy and Centurion.



Dot Lock Color Object
Privateer - Radar Display - Hostile.png Privateer - Radar Display - Hostile - Locked.png Red Hostile fighter
Privateer - Radar Display - Friendly.png Privateer - Radar Display - Friendly - Locked.png Dark Blue Friendly fighter
Privateer - Radar Display - Base.png n/a Grey Missiles inspace
Privateer - Radar Display - Base.png Privateer - Radar Display - Base - Locked.png Grey Neutral, retrievable objects
Privateer - Radar Display - Nav Point.png n/a White Navigation beacon or nav point
Privateer - Radar Display - Base.png n/a Grey Jump sphere
Privateer - Radar Display - Base.png Privateer - Radar Display - Base - Locked.png Gray Base

HUD Targeting

Type Locked Unlocked Missile Message
Base Privateer - Target - No Color - Locked.PNG Privateer - Target - No Color - Unlocked.PNG Privateer - Target - No Color - Missile Lock.PNG Privateer - Target - No Color - Communications.PNG
Friendly Privateer - Target - Friendly - Locked.PNG Privateer - Target - Friendly - Unlocked.PNG Privateer - Target - Friendly - Missile Lock.PNG Privateer - Target - Friendly - Communications.PNG
Hostile Privateer - Target - Hostile - Locked.PNG Privateer - Target - Hostile - Unlocked.PNG Privateer - Target - Hostile - Missile Lock.PNG Privateer - Target - Hostile - Communications.PNG



Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide


The scanner provides you with radar, target information, friend-or-foe HUD targeting and a target camera. There are three brands, each with a different display and each with its own advantages. Below are the statistics for each level of scanner, listed by brand name. All have a range of 35,000 K, and all have HUD brackets. In general, the brands are comparable except at the high end, in which the B&S Omni is clearly the superior (and costliest) choice.

Privateer Playtester's Guide


  • When you buy a new ship, your maps, jump drive, and scanners are transferred automatically. You must buy everything else. — "Frog"
  • Your Tarsus is outfitted with the most basic scanner available. All ships appear in gray. The only way you can find out whether a given ship is hostile or not is by communicating with him. This may cost you valuable time and can put you in severe danger. Do not accept any bounty hunting missions before you have pur-chased a scanner that distinguishes by color. As soon as you can afford it, you should invest in a Hunter AW 6i scanner, which offers the best features of all scanners in its price range and distinguishes ships by color. Eventually, you should probably invest in a level three scanner. — "Frog"
  • If you like flying with an ITTS, you should definitely try to purchase a Hunter AW Infinity scanner or a B&S Omniscience scanner. If you like detailed color-coding during space flight, you will probably want to buy a B&S E.Y.E. scanner instead. – "Strider"
  • You must have a locking radar for the locking mechanisms of your guided mis-siles to work effectively. All level two and three scanners feature target locks. If you are flying with a level one scanner, your guided missiles will fly in a straight line like dumb fires. – "Strider"


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