Vega Sector

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Map of the Vega Sector from Claw Marks.
Vega Sector

The Vega Sector (known to the Kilrathi as Krat'na Sector) was a region of space inhabited by colonies of the Terran Confederation and the Empire of Kilrah. It was a major conflict point during the Terran-Kilrathi War. The Terran Confederation increased exploration and colonization of the Vega Sector in 2629. On 2629.105, the TCS Iason made first contact with the Kilrathi in the sector. The TCS Tiger's Claw was permanently assigned to the Vega Sector in 2644. Joan's Fighting Spacecraft published a Vega Sector Supplement. Star systems in the Vega Sector include Alliance, Ardai, Asgard, Baird's Star, Brimstone, Cairo, Cambria, Chengdu, Dakota, Dieno, Eddings, Enyo, Gateway, Gimle, Hammer, Hawkins, Hell's Kitchen, Hubble's Star, Kurasawa, McAuliffe, Montrose, Nifelheim, Pephedro, Planck's Star, Port Hedland, Rostov, Seggallion, Tartarus, Trimble, Vega, Venice and Ymir.

Vega Sector lies directly anti-spinwards of Sol Sector. Vega Sector consists of the Day, Douglas, Downing and Roberts Quadrants. Vega Sector is also known as Alcor, Blackmane, Freya, Hyperion, Nanking, Proxima and Tamayo.

The Vega Sector was one of the major theaters of conflict throughout the entire Terran-Kilrathi War. If the sector were to fall to the Kilrathi Empire, they would gain access to the Sol Sector, the heart of the Terran Confederation. This culminated in the Vega Sector Campaign of the 2650s, in which the Confederation ultimately liberated the sector after destroying the Kilrathi stronghold at Venice. Despite this, Vega was continually harassed throughout the Kilrathi War and many systems would fall during the final stages of the War, in which Humanity almost saw total defeat.

AlcorRoberts QuadrantAlcor V
AllianceDay Quadrant
ArdaiRoberts Quadrant
ArielDay Quadrant
Baird's StarRoberts Quadrant
BlackmaneDay QuadrantBlackmane Starbase
BrimstoneRoberts QuadrantBrimstone II
CairoRoberts Quadrant
CalibanDay Quadrant
CambriaDay Quadrant
ChengduDouglas Quadrant
DakotaRoberts QuadrantFargo
Pegasus Station
DeliusDay Quadrant
DienoDay Quadrant
EddingsDouglas Quadrant
Enyo (star system)Day QuadrantEnyo (planet)
FreyaRoberts QuadrantFreya II
GatewayDouglas Quadrant
GimleDowning Quadrant
HammerRoberts Quadrant
HawkinsDowning Quadrant
Hell's KitchenDay QuadrantToadstool
HellespontRoberts Quadrant
Hubble's StarDouglas QuadrantHubble's Star IV
HyperionDowning Quadrant
KriegerDay Quadrant
KurasawaDowning Quadrant
LokiDowning QuadrantLoki VI
McAuliffe (star system)Day QuadrantMcAuliffe (planet)
McAuliffe VI
MontroseDay Quadrant
MylonDowning QuadrantMylon II
Mylon III
NepheleDowning QuadrantNephele II
Nephele Prime
Orlando Depot
Blue Point Station
NifelheimDowning Quadrant
OberanDouglas Quadrant
PephedroDay QuadrantIcarus Base
Planck's StarDouglas Quadrant
Port HedlandDouglas QuadrantMcLaren
ProximaDouglas QuadrantLeto
RostovDowning QuadrantRostov III
SegallionDowning Quadrant
TamayoDay QuadrantTamayo II
TartarusRoberts Quadrant
TrimbleRoberts Quadrant
TyrDowning QuadrantTyr VII
Vega (star system)Douglas Quadrant
VeniceDowning QuadrantVenice (Planet)
XanaduDouglas Quadrant
YmirDowning Quadrant