Pegasus Station

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Pegasus Station
Type Major Naval Base
Primary User Terran Confederation
Crew 10000

Pegasus Station was a starbase which served as headquarters, supply depot, communications hub, repair yard and military hospital for the forces stationed in the Vega Sector. The station was attacked three times during it's life, in 2648.247 and 2652.097, but the third attack in 2654 ended up overwhelming and destroying the base in a sneak attack. The station was located in the D-5 asteroid belt located in the Ulysses Corridor near the Charybdis Quasar in the Dakota system.

Built on an asteroid world, Pegasus station was made up of "billions of tons of durasteel and ice-slick rock" and was comprised of spacedocks, "towers, gun emplacements, and antennae." One of the key functions of Pegasus station beyond providing docking facilities was to provide jump coordinates calculated by the station's NAVCOM to ships returning to Earth. Pegasus' NAVCOM control room also housed a mainframe computer that served as the station's "heart and brain."

Aided by the Pegasus' traiterous commanding officer, Admiral William Wilson, the attacking Kilrathi fleet was able to bypass the station's patrols, retrieve the jump coordinates for Earth, and destroy the base. The Kilrathi fleet's advances were thwarted only by the heroic effort of the TCS Tiger Claw and her crew.

Pegasus Station Locations include the NAVCOM control room, Watchtower Three, level seven, level eleven, and level thirteen.