Rostov III

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Rostov III is the third planet in the Rostov System. Rostov III is a jungle planet home to a race of primitive sentients, the Mopoks. The Terran Confederation refused to colonize the planet, except for scientific missions, because of the presence of native sentients.

This unfortunately left the planet open to unregulated settlement. Grey Towns have emerged in several places on Rostov III, one of which contained Rita's Cantina, which TCS Tiger's Claw bartender Sam recommended to Christopher Blair.

The Kilrathi attempted to enslave the Mopoks and exploit Rostov's natural resources in 2654, but were forced to flee the system once engaged by the Tiger's Claw. During the Kilrathi evacuation, the Mopoks were successful in capturing a handful of Kilrathi Marines.

Mopoks capturing a group of Kilrathi marines on Rostov III 2654.286