Orlando Depot

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Orlando Depot
Type Star Base
Primary user Terran Confederation

The Orlando Depot was a refueling station administered by the Terran Confederation. It was stationed in the Nephele System and was charged with refueling Terran spacecraft, as well as maintaining system security.

During the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673, Major Todd Marshall informed retired Colonel Christopher Blair that he was being recalled to active service on his homeworld of Nephele II. The two men were to fly to the Orlando Depot to acquire transport to the Sol System, where they would receive their new assignment.

The two pilots arrived at Orlando flying a pair of Hellcat Vs when a single pilot flying an Avenger from the Union of Border Worlds, bombarded the station. Orlando Depot was completely destroyed within seconds, killing its entire 3,000 man crew. The mysterious attacker then proclaimed, "What you see before you, Colonel Blair, is one of what will be many victories for the Border Worlds". The attacker then fled into hyperspace.

The two pilots were forced to detour to the nearby Blue Point Station as a result of the attack. It was later determined that the attacker was a man named Seether, a member of the Black Lance forces attempting to incite war between the Confederation and the Border Worlds.