Brimstone II

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Brimstone II is a planet located in the Brimstone System. Prior to 2654.137, the planet was under the control of the Empire of Kilrah and had four Kilrathi bases located on it.

Shortly before 2654.137, the Terran Confederation launched an invasion of the Brimstone System and set up a blockade around Brimstone II. As the planet was grew desperate for munitions and supplies, the Kilrathi dispatched dozens of Dorkir transports in the hope that at least a few would manage to slip through the blockade. The TCS Tiger's Claw dispatched several wings of fighters to intercept these supply convoys.

Following this, as Confederation fighters gained superiority in space above Brimstone II, a band of Confederation saboteurs attacked a major Kilrathi military installation on the planet. With its destruction, the Kilrathi's strategic hold on the Brimstone System was broken.

Terran saboteurs prepare to attack a Kilrathi Military Installation on Brimstone II, 2654.137.