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Sector Vega Sector
Quadrant Roberts Quadrant
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Hellespont is a star system in the Vega Sector. Although it was a formal member of the Union of Border Worlds after 2673, it fell under the control of a secessionist government in 2701.

Hellespont is a frontier system very close to Kilrathi territory. After the Kilrathi War, Hellespont joined the Union of Border Worlds.

After the eventual dismantling of the Black Lance and the Confederation's recognition of the Union's independence, Hellespont was confirmed as a member of the Union. It was host to limited action after the Nephilim War broke out in 2681. By 2701, Hellespont was the source of 5% of the Union's gross exports and hosted the facilities of the Union's Second Fleet.

By 2701, secessionist sentiment was on the rise in the Hellespont System in the wake of growing tariffs and growing discontent with the local government. The elections of 2701 finally saw Hellespont fall under the control of the opposition, who later announced their secession from the Union of Border Worlds. The Hellespont Militia subsequently assumed control over all military assets in the system.

In response to the deteriorating political situation, the Union's government considered the deployment of the Outerworlds Naval Reserve in order to re-establish control over the Hellespont System.