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Venice falls to the Terran Confederation in 2654.
Sector Vega Sector
Quadrant Downing Quadrant
Locations Venice
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Venice is a star system in the Vega Sector. As of April 2654, it was controlled by the Empire of Kilrah. The Kilrathi name for the system was Kharak Tar. Prior to its destruction by Terran Confederation forces, the Kilrathi Sector Command was located on a Kilrathi Star Post in the system.

The system has one inhabited planet, which is a water planet. The system got its name because of the ruins on the planet, which are sinking into the ocean.

The TCS Tiger's Claw launched several missions in the system during the final days of the Vega Sector Campaign in 2654. These included:

The Star Post which hosted the Kilrathi Sector Command was assaulted by famed Tiger's Claw pilots Christopher Blair and Ian St. John, who were flying the new F-44 Rapier IIs. They eventually destroyed the Star Post through a series of repeated assaults, effectively ending Kilrathi domination in the system.

The fall of Venice on 2654.287 allowed the Terran Confederation to retake the planet and with it, the entire Vega Sector. Terran Space Marines landed on the surface and reclaimed the world in the name of humanity.