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Sector Vega Sector
Quadrant Roberts Quadrant
Locations Brimstone II
Jump Links Vega, Gateway, Port Hedland, Chang-Cu, Dakota, Gimle, McAuliffe

Brimstone is a star system in Vega Sector. As of April 2654, it was controlled by the Empire of Kilrah. The system has at least one inhabited planet, Brimstone II, which had four Kilrathi bases until their destruction by Terran forces on 2654.137.

The second planet in the system has a desirable fruit that is imported by the Confederation.

The Terran Confederation launched an invasion into the Brimstone System on 2654.135. The TCS Tiger's Claw and several other Confederation warships, blockaded Brimstone II and launched a number of missions which included:

  • Several patrols to scout the Kilrathi's strength in the system prior to the invasion
  • The defense of several Confederation warships that were en route to the Tiger's Claw on 2654.136
  • Strikes against dozens of Kilrathi Dorkir-Class Transport transports that were attempting to break the blockade and bring supplies to Brimstone II.