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Sector Vega Sector
Quadrant Day Quadrant
Locations Blackmane Starbase
Jump Links Alliance, Proxima, Loki, Locanda

Blackmane is a star system in the Vega Sector. It is a major military center of the Terran Confederation, as it hosts the Blackmane Starbase.

Blackmane is a strategically vital star system as it secures jump points leading into the Enigma, Epsilon, and Sol Sector. Among these jump points is one to Proxima, which leads directly to Earth.

After Locanda was destroyed by the Kilrathi in 2669, Blackmane's defenses collapsed and it could no longer sustain itself against the Kilrathi invasion. The station's personnel and equipment were successfully evacuated by forces from the TCS Victory to the Vespus and Torgo. After the Terrans abandoned the system, the station was presumably destroyed by the Kilrathi.

The loss of Blackmane was a severe blow to the Terran Confederation and its security lines crumbled in the Vega Sector.