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Sector Vega Sector
Quadrant Downing Quadrant
Locations Tyr VII
Jump Links Nephele, Hellespont, G'wriss, Hawkins, Masa

Tyr is a star system located in the Vega Sector. It is a territory of the Union of Border Worlds.

Tyr is a moderately-populated system with a strong military presence. It hosts at least seven planets, one being Tyr VII. It may have played a major role in the Terran war effort during the Terran-Kilrathi War, and has since become a major military and research center for the Border Worlds.

In 2673, the Border Worlds Conflict erupted between the Terran Confederation and the Union of Border Worlds. During this conflict, the Border Worlds captured Terran scientist Dr. Tuesday Brody, Confed's leading expert in bio-convergence. They held her at a military prison on Tyr VII in order to interrogate her on Confed's plans against the Union. Confed deployed the TCS Lexington to rescue her.

Colonel Christopher Blair conducted reconnaissance on the Union facility on Tyr VII, and after discovering the full extent of its defenses, launched a rescue mission to the planet. While Blair neutralized the base defenses, Terran Space Marines extracted Dr. Brody to safety. It was later discovered that Dr. Brody would be enslaved by the secretive Black Lance faction in order to force her to produce the highly-lethal Gen-Select Bioweapon.