Bruiser McDoozer

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Bruiser McDoozer
Occupation Escort pilot

CCN Entry


NAME Bruiser McDoozer
RATING Above Average
SHIP Aurora
HIRE 265
'Let's be 'aving yer, then!'

Brutish, crass and bullying: the three adjectives most commonly used in conjunction with McDoozer's name. Shunned by most of the mercenary community for his obnoxious ways, McDoozer is usually mercilessly pounded some unfortunate in a bar brawl within hours of completing a mission. Indeed, he wouldn't be tolerated at all were it not for his prowess in the cockpit; fortunately for him, he is as skilled with laser and missile as he is with boot and bottle. If you wish to add a little thuggish brutality to your convoy's defences, McDoozer's the man..