Clevis 'Guts' Nugget

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Clevis 'Guts' Nugget
Occupation Escort pilot

CCN Entry


NAME Clevis 'Guts' Nugget
RATING Reputable
SHIP Freij
HIRE 335
'Gonna kick your ass, sea bass!'

The fattest pilot ever to achieve triple-Ace status, 'Guts' Nugget's corpulence and appetite are standing jokes among the mercenary community; it is rumoured that his ship's cockpit had to be specially widened for him to sit in it. A habitue of the Galactic Gourmet, he has usually spent every deca-credit of his hire fee on luxurious foodstuffs before his retro jets have cooled. It is fortunate for him that his skills warrant such prodigious expenditure; he is more than competent as a combat pilot, and his appetite means that he is most unwilling to desert a paying client. All in all, a good hire; just don't stand him lunch.