Ignatius Furorum

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Ignatius Furorum
Occupation Escort pilot

CCN Entry


NAME Ignatius Furorum
RATING Connoisseur
SHIP Velacia
HIRE 390
'Gonna batter and fry your ass, amateur'

Some pilots operate on adrenaline. Some stay on edge through sheer terror. Furorum is motivated solely by anger of his previous life being shattered overnight. Originally a mild mannered janitor on one of Leviatha's deep space fish farms, he became unwittingly caught up in one of the last Cod Wars, and through a series of events which are unlikely to become clear again in the near future, has been on the run ever since. In the cockpit, this loss of his dearly loved job translates into ferocious, uncontrolled aggression - previous employers have remarked how amazed they were to see Furorum throw himself headlong into the fray despite being hugely outnumbered, only to emerge victorious as his enemies succumbed to or fled from his relentless assault.