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Map of the Tri-System.
Planets Hermes, Crius, Anhur, Bex, Hephaestus, Hades, Janus IV, Karatikus, Athos, Ostinia, Corinthias, Desolia, Destinas, Petra, Leviatha, Massanas, Serca, Terrel
Stations Dexros, Lironas, Pletirat, Reva, Corsas, Ferix, Sarama, Stanton, Bestinium, Craxath, Felos, Kaldon, Curium, Tersa, Kastagan, Draknor, Kappa Labs

The Tri-System comprises the three stars Isaac, Hom and Irrulan as well as the numerous planets, moons and space stations in the area around the three stars.

The government type is that of a confederation, with sovereign planets that each have their own, mostly democratic, political system. Smaller planets are controlled by Janus IV (except for Athos) and used for expansion, for mining (most notably Petra and Serca), industry (Desolia) or agriculture (Destinas and Terrel). Some of the smaller planets also quickly became a place for piracy and smuggling, as on Massanas and Ostinia. The CIS keeps a steady eye on them and stations a military task fleet on a regular basis in nearby sectors.

The basic currency used on all planets and space stations are "credits". The use of hard cash has widely lost in importance and most transactions are done electronically from one P.A.D. to another.