Phungid Mykofyle

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Phungid Mykofyle
Occupation Escort pilot

CCN Entry


NAME Phungid Mykofyle
RATING Reputable
SHIP Faldari Mk II
HIRE 325
'I smell trouble'

Life as an escort pilot is nothing if not strenuous. The constant fear of death, the unremitting slaughter going on all around; it's not surprising that the pilots who survive develop their own idiosyncrasies and foibles. For Mykofyle, the price he's had to pay for continuing survival is the acquisition of chronic agoraphobia. He has refused leave the cramped confines of his ship for at least two years, and the stench on board is reputedly ferocious, with mould, algae and the like coating every surface. However, all this doesn't seem to have affected his abilities as a mercenary, and he is a reliable, able escort.